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Sweet reunion for ‘Treacle’ and ‘Candy’

BLUE Cross ponies ‘Treacle’ and ‘Candy’ have been happily reunited after five years apart and the matched pair are once again living contentedly side-by-side.

‘Treacle’ and ‘Candy’ came to Blue Cross as part of a large welfare group back in 2011. The cute bookend bay mares, who were originally found as part of a large welfare compromised group in poor condition, were placed in the same home for five years, but a change in their borrower’s circumstances meant they had to be returned to Blue Cross and were then rehomed separately.

“Fast forward another five years and ‘Treacle’ was once again returned to Blue Cross,” explains Lauren Bush, Horse Rehoming Coordinator at Blue Cross in Burford. “‘Candy’s’ owner Joanna Robins spotted ‘Treacle’ on the rehoming page of our website and got in touch straight away. We were thrilled to reunite this pair and they very much remembered each other, which made it even more special.”

“Having owned ‘Blue Cross Candy’ and ‘Blue Cross Bubbles’ for a number of years, I always keep half an eye on the Blue Cross website in case a pony crops up that I can’t refuse!” said Joanna Robins, who lives in Oxfordshire.

“I was amazed when I found ‘Treacle’ on the rehoming page. I had initially met her when I went to collect ‘Candy’ five years ago – at the time, she was going out to a new home. I instantly recognised her on the page, as she is so like ‘Candy’. It didn’t take long to decide that she had to come and live with us – she and ‘Candy’ had lived together as a pair for five years and always been in the same herd, so I was sure it was the right thing to do!

“After the usual checks, we collected ‘Treacle’ and brought her home. I was slightly nervous that they wouldn’t remember each other, so decided to introduce them initially with a fence between them. I needn’t have worried. ‘Candy’ was so excited to see ‘Treacle’, she just couldn’t contain herself! She tore around the field just stopping occasionally to have a sniff before she took off again. I quickly decided they were fine to put in together, and their joy at being reunited was just lovely to see! They followed each other around, so excited to be back together. There was a little bit of herd placement that took place because of our other Blue Cross Shetland ‘Bubbles’, but it soon settled down. ‘Treacle’ and ‘Candy’ are now living their best life, totally joined at the hip and sharing their hay, like they’ve never been apart!”

When fate is unkind to pets, Blue Cross is there to give them the love and care they deserve. Blue Cross helps sick, injured and homeless pets at its rehoming centres and animal hospitals across the country. As the New Year begins, you could make a donation to help change the fate of a vulnerable pet. Visit

Bree Rutledge

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