Tails on display at Lusk’s Dressage

Lusk's dressage BR Farm
PRELIM: Kathryn Finlay and ‘Mr Chips’ competing in the Prelim class at Lusk’s Dressage League. (FW07-545NN)

DESPITE the rain earlier in the week, the ground for the third leg of Lusk’s Dressage League was superb, thanks to the hard work of the ground team, Neil and John. The sun shone brightly for the earlier tests and the judges, Fiona Young and Yvette Truesdale, were hard at work all morning – thanks are extended to them and their scribes.

Lusk’s liveries were out in force, fighting for the prizes and it was great to see so many in the line ups. Even Jonny Steele, waiting for the arrival of his second child, won the first class with a very nice four-year-old. The day finished in style, with Michael Boyd giving a display dressed in his tails to win the last two classes on ‘Ballyalt Comet’, in front of an admiring crowd.

NEWCOMERS: Catherine Tumelty and ‘Ebony’ competing in the Newcomers Prelim class at Lusk’s Dressage League. (FW07-544NN)

Entries are now open for the dressage final on Sunday, February 17 – text 07840 117132. Everyone is welcome and don’t miss the prizes!


Sunday, February 10

Class 1:

1) Jonny Steele, Fred; 2) Charlie Watson, Beau Jangles; 3) Clara Potts, Gucci; 4) Zach Watson, Casper; 5) EllyRose Dixon, Monaincha Belle; 6) Aimee Webb, Indie.

Class 2:

1) Louise Magill, Camiro’s Danny; 2) Madison McAfee, Jordan; 3) Lucy Coulter, Oh Marcious; 4) Fiona Dunn, Brooklyn; 5) Erin Barlow, Sport of Kings; 6) Ciara O’Hara, Cass.

Class 3:

1) Chloe Rooney, Paddington; 2) Keva Milligan, Kings Appraisal; 3) Rebecca Geddis, Apollo; 4) Michelle Strange, Quality Galore; 5) Jonny Steele, Ice; 6) Jonny Steele, Fred.

Class 4:

1) Sarah Irvine, Harry; 2) Michael Boyd, Getadate; 3) Antoinette O’Connor Milligan, Kings Appraisal; 4) Rose de Montmorency, Frankie; 5) David Kirkpatrick, Drumboy; 6) Rose de Montmorency, Ozzie.

Class 5:

1) Michael Boyd, Ballyalt Comet; 2) Emily Corbett, Bella; 3) Fiona Magowan, Storm.

Class 6 – Pick your own open test:

PICK YOUR OWN: Michael Boyd and ‘Ballyalt Comet’ won the ‘Pick Your Own’ class riding Medium 63 at Lusk’s Dressage League. (FW07-543NN) PICTURES

1) Michael Boyd, Ballyalt Comet (Riding Medium 63); 2) Michael Boyd, Maximum Jay (Riding Advanced 102); 3) Emily Corbett, Kermit (Riding Medium 63).


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