‘Teeing’ off at Connell Hill

RUNNER UP: Brian Smyth and ‘Lucy Ludo’ claimed second place in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW30-558NN) PICTURES: courtesy of Lyndon McKee

COMPETITORS made their way to Connell Hill for the SJI Horse Show on Thursday, July 18, still buzzing and all fired up following the excitement of the very prestigious National Balmoral Show, which saw huge success for a number of regular faces – well done!

Course Designer, Will Crean, demonstrated his wealth of experience and set excellent tracks, providing high standards of jumping throughout the day.

PLACED: Michael Press and ‘NEH Miss President’ took third place in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW30-557NN)

With the golf ‘Open’ teeing off, Judge Heather Camblin teed off the show, which saw Peadar McLaughlin from Ballymena, claim the first double clear of the day on his gelding ‘Ars Clover’ when he opened the 90cm class.

Showing those golf enthusiasts how to do it and do it well was Nicky Nesbitt from Ballymena, when she opened the 1m class with a blistering double clear on her mare ‘Ringfort India’.

The stiff competition in the 1.10m class did not faze Alison Irwin when she accelerated to first place on Kathleen Gallagher’s mare from Limavady, ‘White Lilly’, with very busy team mate, Michael Roche, taking the honours of first place on Colm Doherty’s gelding from Milford, ‘Knockalla Hold Up’ and also second place on ‘KG Clover Cruise’, owned by Celtic Park Horses from Strabane in the 1.20m class.

Connell Hill would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on their success at National Balmoral and thank course designer Will Crean, judge Heather Camblin, photographer Lyndon McKee, starter Alison Smith, arena crew, staff, competitors, owners and grooms for their continued support and look forward to welcoming everyone for the remaining legs of this SJI Summer Horse League. Contact Grace on 07765 884254 or Gillian on 07803 178009 for information.


Thursday, July 18

80cm: No Result.

90cm: =1) Peadar McLaughlin’s Ars Clover, Peadar McLaughlin; Nicky Nesbitt’s Carrickview Saratoga, Nicky Nesbitt; Pauline McKeown’s Castlefield Mia, Pauline McKeown; Gary Jackson’s FaFa De Montarlot, James Lewis Johnston; Janene Gamble’s GTA Leonardo, Janene Gamble; Lisa Doogan’s La Roux, Laura Doherty; Sarah Bailie’s Lisnamorrow’s Echoizer, Sarah Bailie; Aisling Doherty’s Louis Vuitton (SJI), Aisling Doherty; Eamon O’Connor’s Mo’s Touch, Eamon O’Connor; Aisling Doherty’s Pretty Little Thing, Aisling Doherty; Donna Campbell’s Something About Mary Lou, Donna Campbell.

1m: =1) Samuel J Smyth’s Ballylurgan Imperial Fly, Hannah Thompson; Audrey Hunter’s Bann View Ferro, Taylor Hunter; Paul Caves’s Cafre Quality Clover, Paul Caves; Pauline McKeown’s Castlefield Mia, Pauline McKeown; Nigel Kenny’s Derrycastle DDC, Michael Roche; Brian Smyth’s Iroko Quarry Diamond, Brian Smyth; Lisa Doogan’s La Roux, Laura Doherty; Eamon O’Connor’s Mo’s Touch, Eamon O’Connor; Pauline McKeown’s Quick Quality, Pauline McKeown; Nicky Nesbitt’s Ringfort India, Nicky Nesbitt; Jessica Knipe’s Shanaghan Timothy, Jessica Knipe.

1.10m: 1) Kathleen Gallagher’s White Lilly, Alison Irwin; 2) Brian Smyth’s Lucy Ludo, Brian Smyth; 3) Nichola E Howarth’s NEH Miss President, Michael Press; 4) Gary Jackson’s Farrellys Tavern, James Lewis Johnston; 5) Paul Caves’s Kereen Companion, Paul Caves; 6) Celtic Park Horses’s KG Clover Cruise, Michael Roche.

1.20m: 1) Colm Doherty’s Knockalla Hold Up, Michael Roche; 2) Celtic Park Horses’s KG Clover Cruise, Michael Roche; 3) Michael Press’s Annestown King Concord, Michael Press; 4) Peter Smyth’s Ballyheerin Natasha, Alison Irwin; 5) Fiona Roche’s TJM Freestyler, Michael Roche.

FLYING HIGH: Sarah Bailie and ‘Falling For You’ competing at Connell Hill. (FW30-556NN)

1.30m: No Result.


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