Teemore Engineering has major presence at the show

Teemore Engineering TD Farm
HEADLOCK: Teemore Engineering’s Jason Elliott operating the company’s new Calving Headlock and Caesarean Gate.

TEEMORE Engineering has a major presence at this year’s Balmoral Show.

“We have a number of new and exciting products to profile, particularly where animal comfort is concerned,” said the company’s Jason Elliott.

CALF PEN: Teemore Engineering’s Jason Elliott with the new Agri-Plastics’ calf starter pen.

“And we want to make sure that we have the scope to do these new and exciting products justice.”

Amongst the products featured by Teemore at Balmoral for the first time is the new Aquastar cubicle mattresses and Aqua pillows.

“Both are manufactured in France. Water filled, they provide cows with the optimal level of comfort,” said Jason.

“We are also featuring the new Magellan Groove flooring system. This is the first active rubber alley flooring system combining comfort and grip.

“It is composed of grooves allowing liquid to flow to the collection tank, thereby reducing ammonia generation. Combined with rubber fingers on the scraper system and recommended at 90 minute intervals ensure the animal hooves are elevated above the urine solving one of the most severe problems in the dairy industry.”

He added: “The new flooring system is eligible for grant within Tier 1 of the Farm Business Improvement Scheme.”

Teemore is also featuring its extensive range of crush handling and gating systems at Balmoral Show.

“Of particular interest to Balmoral visitors this year will be the company’s new Calving Headlock and Caesarean Gate.

“Teemore also works closely with the calf housing specialist company Agri-Plastics. Featured on the Balmoral Stand this year is the new Agri-Plastics’ Starter Pen.

“These are designed for short term use in order to get calves off to a healthy start. Subsequently, the young animals can be moved on to calf hutches.

“The Moveable Starter Pen includes four wheels; two rigid and two swivel, that are mounted directly to the moulded slatted floor. This allows for easy movement of the entire system.

“Agri-Plastics’ new stand-alone Flex Pen system also features on the Balmoral stand. The system has detachable side panels so that calves can be grouped or housed separately for welfare reasons.

“What makes these hutches different is the quality of the plastic used in the manufacturing process. As a consequence, they have a 50 per cent better impact strength, a longer life and being totally opaque, ensure high Ultra Violet protection at all times. In fact, the hutches come with a ten year guarantee,” said Jason.

“The Agri-Plastics hutches guarantee the perfect environment in which to rear young calves.”

Teemore are on Stand C50.

For further information, contact Teemore Engineering on (028) 6774 8377.


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