Teeswater sheep come to town

ABOVE: Teeswater ewe lambs.

McCLELLANDS Mart, Ballymena, will host a special draft entry of pedigree registered Teeswater sheep on Monday evening, September 30, as part of its pedigree sales entry.

These Teeswater sheep will be consigned by W & K Carson from its Downkillybegs flock at Ballymena.

The Teeswater breed, originally from the Teesdale valley, County Durham in the north of England, have been bred pure for over 200 years and are a strong dual purpose breed.

They are a large striking-looking sheep with lots of eye appeal but underneath their immaculate purled fleece is a long strong carcase with well developed shoulders, loin and chump regions.

The dual purpose aspect of this adorable breed is three fold – namely strong carcase attributes, impressive quality fleece and valuable wool and superb crossing abilities for producing half-bred ewes.

The latter is what they are most recognised for, in producing the famous Masham ewe – offspring from a Teeswater ram and a hill bred ewe and although this is a notable claim to fame, the Teeswater ram is also trusted in Northern Ireland as a sire of formidable crossbred ewes resulting from continental type ewes and also British lowland breeds.

The Teeswater is also acclaimed as a breed improver when blended into other crossing sire breeds to benefit from their strong, bold markings and maternal outlook.

The maternal attributes of the Teeswater breed are the foundations that the breed has been built on.

The Teeswater ewe and her crosses are large breedy types, capable of producing and rearing a lot of lambs per lifetime and the secret of this durable production ability is the udder attachment and protective covering.

Teeswater bred ewes hold their udders tight while nursing their lambs and have a premium quality milk source, capable of boosting the growth of any crossbred lamb and covering the lactating udder on the Teeswater bred ewe is a protective downy wool that keeps out the wind chill and detrimental elements from the spring environment.

The Teeswater ewe’s resilience as a top producer of prime lambs has seen a resurgence in breeding flocks and demand for more pedigree animals despite the ever increasing number of hybrids and low care diversifications within the sheep industry.

The uptake in cottage crafts across the globe has also increased the demand for the high quality fleece produced from the Teeswater breed to such an end that the Teeswater wool is demanding the highest premium on the 2019 BWMB price guide and annually sees raw wool fleeces from Northern Ireland and England being exported for a greater premium to other countries for home spinners and craft workers.

Monday evening, September 30, in Ballymena will give people interested in Teeswater sheep the opportunity to view these remarkable sheep and the opportunity to acquire a little piece of this historic sheep breed.

n For further information contact 028 2563 3470.


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