The Minnows doing ‘what they’re supposed to do’

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THE resurfacing of Belfast indie rock band The Minnows continues with the launch of another new single from their eagerly awaited album which is due out early in the new year.

Entitled ‘What Was I Supposed To Do?’, the song is a brooding and heart-breaking tale of a failed relationship – familiar territory for The Minnows, who describe themselves on social media as ‘Purveyors of Pop Rock Melancholy’.

Melodic and atmospheric, the song’s rolling rhythm section is subtly and lovingly overlaid with hypnotic chiming guitars, classic keyboards and a gut-wrenching wailing harmonica, building to an epic rocking crescendo incorporating The Minnows’ trademark harmonies.

Although never before released as a single or to media, a video the band posted for ‘What Was I Supposed To Do?’ on YouTube has already received more than 20,000 views, with favourable online comparisons being made to artists such as Pink Floyd and John Lennon – just two of the band’s many influences.

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All of this is very encouraging, according to The Minnows’ singer/songwriter Michael Rafferty (aka Raff): “We’re very excited to launch ‘What Was I Supposed To Do?’ as the second single from our new album, which will finally see the light of day early in the new year.

“It’s a real tear-jerker but, personally, I feel that the song itself is arguably the best I’ve ever written and, as a band, I think we’ve really captured the essence of it perfectly.

“So although it may be a little longer than your average single, it was an obvious choice for us. We’ve opted for quality and quantity on this one!

“Happily, it looks like the public agrees. We’ve never released the song in any shape or form but we did post a video on YouTube and, without any promotion whatsoever, it has picked up more than 20,000 views and lots of praise from our thousands of friends and followers around the world on social media,” he added.

“The coronavirus situation sadly continues to rumble on and whilst we pray that it ends soon, we just have to get on with our lives as best we can.

“We’re all working, family guys now but one thing the lockdown has enabled us to do is devote a little more time to our music and get the album finished and ready for release.

“I suppose you could say that we’re ‘doing what we’re supposed to do’,” concluded Raff.

The Minnows are Michael Rafferty, Paul Maynes, Kevin Carson and Stephen O’Sullivan.

Formerly known as Tiberius’ Minnows, they first came to prominence in 1991 with the release of their debut single ‘Time Flies’ on the famous Good Vibrations record label.

A string of singles and prominent live gigs followed, with the release of two albums Holyland and Leonard Cohen’s Happy Compared To Me.

‘What Was I Supposed To Do?’ is available to stream or download now on all digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Bandcamp.

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