The new John Deere 6M Series takes centre stage

ABOVE: New John Deere tractors ready for the open days.

THIS weekend’s Open Days at Stephen Moore Farm Machinery, Coleraine, will again see the forecourt dominated by John Deere tractors and equipment, along with Kramer telehandlers and tele-wheeled loaders.

The John Deere 6M Series will make its debut at the event with the 6120, 6140 and 6195 models all on view in the yard.

ABOVE: John Armstrong and Conor McAuley, sales staff, and Alison Moore, with Gator 4x4s.

Visitors to the Open Days this Friday and Saturday (January 24 and 25) will have the opportunity to check out this long-awaited range.

With their short wheelbase (2,400mm), the 6090M-6120M four cylinder models will be an ideal replacement for those customers who currently have the successful 6130 or 6430 Series tractors. Their compact build with industry leading visibility predetermines these models for front loader work even in the tighest of spaces. And with a best-in-class payload of 4.7 tonnes, they also won’t break a sweat with heavy implements.

For the larger operation, the 6130M and 6140M models are agile and powerful at the same time while the large end of the range, the 6145M four cylinder and the 6155M six cylinder, come with a larger wheelbase at 2,765mm and deliver a very solid and comfortable ride that benefits a variety of field and transport applications.

Top of the range is the 6175M and 6195M (rated 175-195 without boost), and are performance-oriented contractor or arable farmer models. With extneded wheelbase (2,800mm) and large tyres, they bring all their power to the ground wth maximum efficiency.

Many of the John Deere range are now selling with automatic guidance systems, offering savings in fertiliser and fuel from accurate control in field situations.

The Kramer range stretches from the small tele-wheeled loaders which are ideal for the most awkward jobs around the farm, up to the large telehandlers which have a stacking height of nine metres.

Stephen Moore told FarmWeek: “We only stock quality brands of equipment and aim to provide a top quality service for customers with extensive after-sales back-up. We currently have a full yard of high spec tractors and on the strength of a strong year’s sales can offer these at excellent prices. During the open days there will be a host of good deals on offer for what is available ex-yard.”

Good finance and warranty packages are available for all prospective customers.

The tractors will be joined by a selection of John Deere equipment including the C441 combi baler which has been selling well in the last year. It offers high speed baling with a great intake, larger bale and additional roller. It provides well chopped, high density bales.

A demonstrator will be available for the 2020 season. Round balers and square balers are also on offer.

Stephen said: “We are continually strengthening the John Deere foothold in the local market as the John Deere name has an enviable reputation for reliability and value for money. We are confident we can offer keen prices on new equipment, with good trade-in prices available.”

The John Deere tractor range will be supported by a wide selection from John Deere’s grassland range which has taken a huge share of the market given its suitability for handling heavy grass conditions.

There will be a choice of front and rear mounted mowers, including the John Deere triple mower, and also trail mowers which can be fitted with groupers where required.

Details of the John Deere combine range will also be available.

Stephen Moore added: “Over the past few years John Deere has revamped almost their entire range so farmers who have not seen the changes of the past few years should come along and see all the improvements John Deere has made.”

Also recording a successful year at Stephen Moores is the John Deere Gator range, which have been selling better than ever before.

The fast growing market for Gators, which are replacing quads on many farms, appeals to those concerned about safety, versatility, comfort and economy. The popular 865M, launched last year, will be on display during the open days.

John Deere is of course also a big name in garden and groundscare equipment and a wide selection of lawnmowers will be on view.

Stephen Moore also stocks an extensive store of parts and spares right across the John Deere range.

While these are always available at competitive rates, don’t miss the special discounts for bulk buys during the Open Days. Other equipment lines stocked at Moores include NC slurry tankers and pumps, as well as the NC linka-sweep and shear grabs.

Tanco will have a range of bale handling and bale wrapping equipment on display. There will also be Bargam sprayers, Sulky fertiliser sowers, De Laval robotics, milking parlours and associated dairy equipment, as well as Stihl garden equipment and SIP grassland equipment including tedders and rakes.

Younger visitors will also be well catered for with a choice of John Deere pedal tractors and toys.

With so much to see and a number of special deals available on stock tractors, parts and servicing, don’t miss next week’s Open Days.


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