The newest go to foodie account on Instagram is ‘North Coast Eats’

North Coast eats SM Farm
ABOVE: Daniel McCaw from Ballycastle.

Food and Nutrition student Daniel McCaw, from Ballycastle, created the account during the latest lockdown to showcase what the North Coast has to offer.

Daniel said: “I started this account as a way of saying thank you to local food businesses and farmers who don’t get enough thanks for the massive positive impact they have on Northern Ireland.

“I am finishing my degree from home and have really enjoyed creating content for the account while in lockdown. I would love to hear from anyone who has any recipe ideas or would like me to cook specific dishes”

“I studied Food and Nutrition at Harper Adams University in England and have carried out my placement in that sector and I’m hoping to apply some of what I have learned to the page and help others to realise cooking nutritious meals isn’t that difficult! I am self taught and you can be too.

“NI is famous world-wide for the Comber potato, Abernethy butter, Armagh apples, Black Butter and Bushmills whiskey, but do we really appreciate all the little things we have on our doorstep?”

“It’s a simple message, by supporting local producers and businesses we are supporting local people and being much more sustainable”

n Follow North Coast Eats on Instagram to keep up to date with food and drink recommendations, home recipes and everything in between.


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