The Pitbull has been unleashed

n Gordon, James and Adam Wilson receiving their Pitbull from Neil Allen, G.A.Allen.

THE Pitbull compact handler was first seen in Northern Ireland at the 2019 Winter Fair and really did catch the eye.

With an eventful 2020, GA Allen is now glad to end the year on a high with the first two compact handlers being delivered to their new homes.

n Andrew Cowan and Andrew Cowan Junior receiving their Pitbull from Neil Allen, G.A.Allen. :

The pocket rocket impressed on demo at each of the customers’ farms, doing two different tasks. The Cowans have a diary/sheep farm and tried out the Pitbull around their farm and were surprised how manoeuvrable and versatile the machine was.

Gordon Wilson had the Pitbull working away at cleaning out chicken sheds with ease.

Neil Allen explained: “The ver-satility of the Pitbull is what attracted us at GA Allen to the compact loader, not only seeing its helpfulness in the agriculture industry but also the construction, landscape, recreation industries to name a few. After a trip over to see the Pitbull in Holland we were blown away by the handiness of the compact loader and the fact that every farm had one on the continent.

“Along with the help of a few translators we learnt from the farmers in Holland that this was their go to tool for everyday tasks, helping to make their farm more efficient and it made life easier – what could be more important than that.”

The Pitbull Compact Loaders are produced in a new 7,000m² factory built by the Peeters Group and situated in Holland. The factory uses the very latest equipment, including more than 10 robotic systems, to produce high-quality products in the most efficient way possible.

The Pitbull compact loader packs a punch with a 45hp four-cylinder Kubota engine which currently does not require ad blue, however with continued updating of regulations a move to ad blue is not far away.

At only 1.45m wide, this loader will take on the challenge of most tight spots. The quality of the Pitbull is guaranteed by the use of the highest-quality components, such as Linde hydraulics for example. The frame is manufactured from high quality steel and only A-brand components are used. The machine is standard equipped with a unique boom which uses a combination of Z-kinematic and P-kinematic. This makes the machine very powerful and ensures perfect parallel guidance.

The low centre of gravity and the rocking axle, in combination with the rigid pivoting point, makes the Pitbull very stable and suitable for working on uneven surfaces.

GA Allen would like to thank both the Wilson and Cowan family for their business and helping to kick start Pitbull in Northern Ireland. GA Allen is looking forward to more units arriving early 2021, including a demo unit ready to show the benefits the Pitbull compact loader can offer you.


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