The Virtual Poland Club Show

Ducks 14-1-21 SM Farm

The virtual poultry shows have been a great success and distraction away from these worrying times.

The Virtual Poultry Show Group has over 3,000 members and these virtual shows have given purebred poultry enthusiasts a great opportunity to exhibit their wonderful birds, with many breed clubs supporting these events by presenting trophies, prizes and rosettes.

Individuals have also donated prizes for winning entries.

Organisers, exhibitors and judges enjoy these virtual shows from the safety of their homes.

The Official Poland Club UK ran an online show for club members to make up the cancelled National and Federation shows.

There were entries from all over the world, which was great to see.

The show was judged by Panel A Judge Nick Smith.

Clare Beebe from Norfolk kindly donated a lovely painting for the Champion Poland exhibit.

Each photo had to contain a fizzy drink tin to confirm that it was a new photo and a side on view and head view of the bird.

The main results were as follows:

Supreme Champion Poland Virtual Online Show – a white crested black cockerel from James Weatherup;

Joint Reserve Champion – Antony Welshman with a large black and Simon Pickles with a bantam self white;

Best Chamois – Kelly Mairs from Donegal;

Best Silver and Best Laced – Tracy and Dan Bunder;

Best Gold – Jean Wall from Wicklow.


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