Thompson claims a one-two at Connell Hill SJI Horse Show

Connell SJI BR Farm
JUMPING WELL: Sharon Jewhurst and ‘Ferro Elektra’ jumping a good double clear in the 1.20m class at Connell Hill. (FW37-587JK)

COMPETITORS had a really competitive day at the second leg of the Connell Hill Autumn SJI Horse league on Saturday. Course Designer, Will Crean, designed and set tracks in the outdoor arena, offering challenges with ambition to aim higher. Judge, Heather Camblin gave everyone a warm welcome and opened the show, which saw a full house of double clear rounds for the 90cm class. Megan McGettigan then claimed the first double clear round of the 1m class on ‘Cote D’Azure’, owned by Regula Wassmer from Muff, Co. Donegal.

This highly ambitious day saw some mind blowing rounds of jumping, as competitors took the challenge of the timed classes, the first of which was the 1.10m class, which saw Fiona Thompson from Portstewart, going streets ahead to take first and second place when she set an extremely fast time, early in the class, on her own gelding ‘Curolea Roni’, however, when she entered the arena on Eavan White from Coleraine’s gelding, ‘O’Harabrook’, Fiona beat her own time to take the honours of first place, with ‘Curolea Roni’ in second.

1.20M WINNER: Kevin Mackey and ‘Imperial Darco Diamond’ on their way to winning the 1.20m class at Connell Hill. (FW37-586JK) PICTURES

This did set the adrenalin flowing with even the spectators feeling the pressure, but Kevin Mackey kept his cool in the 1.20m class, when as second last to jump, bolted into first place on Elizabeth Magee’s mare from Castlerock, ‘Imperial Darco Diamond’. The honours of first place for the 1.30m class then went to Cookstown owner Ciara Coyle when her gelding ‘C And G Pie’ rose to the occasion displaying his natural talent, ridden by John Higgins.

This league will continue on Saturday, September 22 at 10am, with classes from 80cm to 1.30m. Contact Grace on 07765 884254 or Gillian on 07803 178009 for information.

The Amateur Show, hosting the ‘Final of the Ulster Cup’ is scheduled for Saturday, September 15 and Sunday, September 16 at 10am – contact Alistair on 07850 437775 or Julie on 07743 859331 for information.


Saturday, September 8

80cm: No Result.

90cm: =1) SDS Tilly, Stephen Darragh; Chinouk Van De Heihoek Z, Megan McGettigan; Arturo Beach, Kenneth Graham; Turlough Cavalier Clover, Liz Brown; Ace’s Delight, Cerys Lundy; Coolda Castaway, Samantha Gouldthorpe; Pinecroft Galaxy, Ian Moore; Pine Croft Glacier, Ian Moore.

1.0m: =1) Lakeyta, Sarah Alexander; Western Hope, Fiona McRobert; Cote D’Azure, Megan McGettigan; Simply Joy, George Newton; Fair And Square, Mark Calvert; Pinecroft Galaxy, Ian Moore; Ploverfield Connect, Robert Boggs.

1.10m: 1) O’Harabrook, Fiona Thompson; 2) Curolea Roni, Fiona Thompson; 3) Calgot Cruise, Victoria Brown; 4) Miss Lady Lux, Kevin Mackey; 5) Ferro Elektra, Sharon Jewhurst; 6) Pacino Hill, Elizabeth Boone; 7) The Irish Kestrel, Ally Wilson; 8) Krypton DV, Claire Doherty; 9) Fivonia G, Patrick McWilliams; 10) Iceman Van Wittenberg, John Black; 11) Bosscat, Paul Diamond; 12) Tawnmore Lux Furious, Elle Johnston; Hylight, Claire Doherty; Altaskin Quintus, Kenneth Graham; Eddie, Chelsea Robinson; Lenamore Invictus, Kenneth Graham; Jaxx Diamant, Kevin Mackey.

1.20m: 1) Imperial Darco Diamond, Kevin Mackey; 2) Carnoenybridge Sister Kate, Aisling Doherty; 3) MB Mullentine Magic, Stephen Grieve; 4) Lincourt Luidam, John McLaughlin; 5) La Vie V\D Richter, Kenneth Graham; 6) Iceman van Wittenberg, John Black; 7) Hyves-Onde W, Liam McGarry; 8) Dundalk Lass, Patrick McWilliams; 9) Sumas Music Man, Laura Brown-McCann.

YELLOW RIBBON: Victoria Brown and ‘Calgot Cruise’ jumped into third place in the 1.10m class at Connell Hill. (FW37-585JK)

1.30m: 1) C And G Pie, John Higgins; 2) Centadel Sensation, Laura Brown-McCann; 3) Feerwerd Carols, Ryan Hunter; 4) Templehill Ludo W Lady, Chelsea Robinson; 5) Democrat, Kenneth Graham; 6) Carnoneybridge Sister Kate, Aisling Doherty.


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