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Three generations of blended breeding

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This snapshot, taken at Inch, Downpatrick, features three generations of the Daphne cow family enjoying the summer grass.

They are a blend of Friesian and Holstein breeding. The cow in centre is Inch Goldsun Daphne 2 EX 91 (40 per cent Friesian), on the right is her daughter Inch Cruise Daphne 6 EX 93 and on the left is her granddaughter Inch Superhero Daphne 4 VG 86 as a heifer.

This heifer will be bred to Lakemead Jingle to reintroduce some Friesian blood.

During the past year five sons of Jingle from the Daphne family have been sold to AI studs to join many others from the same family. These include Inch Dungannon, Dec, Benny, Brilliant and Persistent.

On July 3, at the Summer Sizzler Sale, a special maiden heifer, Inch Jingle Daphne 5, gives breeders an opportunity to introduce a new black and white family that is providing the genetics of strength with production.

This is in growing demand by local farmers and worldwide. Her EX 95 g dam has already given 99 tons and her dam classified VG as a heifer.

n Further details from James Cleland on 07714 250571 or Jim Morrison on 07903 337577.



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