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Three out of three for Iveagh Little Mix at The Meadows

SATURDAY marked the halfway stage of the very successful TRI sponsored Inter-Schools’ League at the Meadows, with the usual huge turnout across all classes. With the end of British Summer Time just around the corner, it was an early start to the day for many of the young competitors to make the best of the available daylight hours. This worked exceptionally well – albeit that some of the chefs d’equipe had an extremely busy day, as all three arenas were in full operation.

In the Primary Individual 50cm class, Kathryn Walker made her mark by finishing on a lovely double clear, closest to the optimum time, with her fabulous pony, ‘Aughmore Dante’.

In the Primary Individual 60cm class, Zara Abernethy came very close to the optimum time, to take home all the goodies on offer from the fantastic sponsors. She was very closely followed by fellow Stewartstown Primary School pupil, Isobel Abertnethy and ‘Brookevale Royal Consort’.

Six Primary teams battled it out for supremacy, with the ‘Iveagh Little Mix’ team maintaining their winning streak, with their third win of the season from runners up, St Francis Aghaderg.

The Primary Individual 70cm class is turning into a great battle at the top, with Tilley Tumilty and ‘Bambi’ taking the win on this occasion and Cliodhna McEvoy taking the runner up spot with ‘Romeo’.

Jack Cowen had a very successful day in the Secondary Individual 75cm class, claiming first and fourth for Lurgan Junior High. However, not to be outdone, second and third placings went to Christian Brothers Primary School pupil, Kian McNally.

Meantime, Arena 1 started again with the heavily subscribed Novice Team competition, with over 22 teams vying for those all-important points. Rathfriland High School set a very high standard and their superb performance proved difficult to beat.

In the very large Novice Individual class, which took place in Arena 2, Holly Rice put in a fabulous performance to win the class. Giving a good chase was the quick-footed Taylor McKnight, taking the runner up spot with ‘Asterix’.

There seems to be no stopping ‘The Rascals’ in the Open class, as they had a runaway victory. Five other teams also finished on a zero score, with the runner up spot taken by Down High Flyers.

Sophia Bingham and ‘All Being Well’ brought honour to Cambridge House Grammar, with a super win in the Open Individual competition, just ahead of Down High School’s Cara MacNabb and ‘Killone Leo’.

The 1.10m Premier Individual class saw the win go to Lucy Morton with ‘Sport’, who snatched victory from Sophia Bingham and ‘All Being Well’ who took second place.

As always, Judy Maxwell was on hand throughout the day to present many of the prizes, as well as providing valuable products.


Primary Individual 50cm: 1) Kathryn Walker, Aughmore Dante, Stewartstown PS; 2) Ruby Mulvenna, Cracker, Gilford Primary School; 3) Rebecca Walker, Smokegun, Stewartstown PS; 4) Henry McCarthy, Casper, Downshire Primary; 5) Henry McCarthy, Thunder, Downshire Primary; 6) Isobel Abernethy, Brookvale Royal Consort, Stewartstown Primary School.

Primary Individual 60cm: 1) Zara Abernethy, Forlan Sweet Charity, Stewartstown Primary School; 2) Isobel Abernethy, Brookvale Royal Consort, Stewartstown Primary School; 3) Annie Flanagan, Woodie, Lisnadill PS; 4) Henry McCarthy, Casper, Downshire Primary; 5) Taylor-Lee Doyle, Jack-A-Roo, Portadown Integrated Primary School; 6) Ana Goodrich, Tony’s Tommy, Broughshane P.S.

Primary Teams 65/70cm: 1) Iveagh Little Mix: Tilley Tumilty, Sparky; Ellie Murphy, Waithwith Dynasty; Lily Murphy, Milford Spectacular; Tilley Tumilty, Bambi; 2) St Francis Aghaderg: Cliodhna McEvoy, Romeo; Cliodhna McEvoy, Petal; Rhys Hynds, Willow; Ellie Hynds, Home Alone JJ; 3) The Saddle Sisters: Annabelle Betts, Percy; Annabelle Clarke, Casper; Zara McConnell, Rialsa Riverdance; Pippa Moore, Seapatrick Make a Move; 4) The Lads: Freddie Castles, Lizzie; Ted Geary, Henry; Lily Murphy, Toffee; Lily Murphy, Blaneys Boy; 5) SuperSonics: Josephine Morrow, Spirit; Sophie McBride, Rolo; Frank McCusker, Peaches; Sarah Pike, Daisy; 6) Lisnadill P.S: Annie Flanagan, Woodie; Taylor Lee Doyle, Jack A Roo; Phoebe Starrett, Tinkerbell; Katie Morton, Rolo.

Primary Individual 70cm: 1) Tilley Tumilty, Bambi, Bridge Integrated Primary School; 2) Cliodhna McEvoy, Romeo, St Francis Agherderg; 3) Ellie Bingham, One in the making, Loanends Primary; 4) Tilley Tumilty, Sparky, Bridge Integrated Primary School; 5) Sarah Pike, Daisy, Aughnacloy Primary School; 6) Lily Murphy, Milford Spectacular, Meadowbridge PS.

Secondary Individual 75cm: 1) Jack Cowan, Edentrillick Honeybee, Lurgan Junior High School; 2) Kian McNally, Where It Began, Christian Brothers Primary School; 3) Kian McNally, Pegasus, Christian Brothers Primary School; 4) Jack Cowan, Take Two, Lurgan Junior High School; 5) Abbey Wallace, Ladybug, Grosvenor Grammar School; 6) Alana Eadie, Douglas Boy, Banbridge Academy.

Novice Teams 85cm: 1) Rathfriland High School: Sophie Hamilton, Apollo; Rosey Herron, Solitaire Rusty Brown; Sarah Craig, Rocky; Taylor McKnight, Asterix; 2) Our Lady’s Secondary School & Castleblaney College: Orla Nesbitt, Castle Flash; Grainne Lacey, Belle; Bronagh Traynor; Orla Nesbitt, Sparky Shadows; 3) The Wee Rascals: Peter Morton, Harry; Olivia Nell, Tilly; Cliodhna McEvoy, Romeo; Peter Morton, Robin; 4) Newbridge Integrated College: Kara Cosgrove, Beechill Sue; Tara McHenry, Newhaven Minstral; Sophia Madeley, Dream Boy of Eskylane; Lucas Bradley, Gortlemon Isabella; 5) Lurgan College: Catherine Cowen, Lady Remarque; Darcy Robinson, Lily; Kirsten Bailie, Blue; Sarah Cowen, Pandora D; 6) Down High Gold: Emma Carse, Coillte Dubh Lochan; Annie Gibson, Charlie; Ellie Simpson, Tigger; Sarah Carse, Jimmy’s Clover.

Novice Individual 85cm: 1) Holly Rice, My Isabella, Banbridge Academy; 2) Taylor Mcknight, Asterix, Rathfriland High School; 3) Molly Magorrian, Lisgreen Silver Prince, Kilkeel High School; 4) Sarah Gilchrist, Hazeldene Mighty Max, St Comcilles High School; 5) Ellie Bingham, One in a Million; 6) Lucy Orr, Dotty, Royal School Dungannon.

Open Teams 1m: 1) The Rascals: Jessica Johnston, Sydney; Peter Morton, Ted; Lucy Morton, Atlanta; Peter Morton, Rio; 2) Down High Flyers: Abby Cumminskey, Holly; Annie Gibson, Matt; Megan Nelson, Fancy Trends; Zara Sharvin, Arubahrain; 3) Down High Hawks: Emily Steele, Off Limits; Ben Cousins, Captain Cruzdown; Cara MacNabb, Kilone Leo; Emily Steele, Deluca Reape; 4) Belfast Royal Academy: Erin McCrea, Rubane Candy; Tori Jewiss, Glenpatrick Uno; Holly Ross, Ech Feirin; Erin McCrea, Knockagarron Fear Bui Phoenix; 5) Cornhill Rose: Poppy Moore, Silvert Button; Melissa McKinstry, Oxendene Lui; Rosalind Moorehead, Seapatrick Beachball; Rebekah McKinstry, Cornhill Rose; 6) Down High Eagles: Cara McBride, Bonecastle Lass; Katie Watson, Nightlife; Rachael Broome, Nature’s Blossom; Megan Nelson, Tai.

Open Individual 1m: 1) Sophia Bingham, All Being Well, Cambridge House Grammar; 2) Cara MacNabb, Killone Leo, Down High School; 3) Gracie Bright, Monroe Star, Antrim Grammar School; 4) Lucy Orr, Dotty, Royal School Dungannon; 5) Jessica Mark, Calinvella, Cullbackey College; 6) Scarlet Thompson, Interstat Cleopatra, Glenlola Collegiate.

Premier Individual 1.10m: 1) Lucy Morton, Sport, Portadown College; 2) Sophia Bingham, All Being Well, Cambridge House Grammar; 3) Rebekah McKinstry, Cornhill Rose Dromore High School; 4) Megan Carson, Fair and Square, South Eastern Regional College; 5) Hayden McCormick, Vanilla Orchid, Newry High School; 6) Megan Nelson, Taipan, Down High School.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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