Too Hot To Handle’s Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey confirm split


Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago has confirmed she has split from co-star Harry Jowsey.

The couple, who met on the Netflix reality show and got engaged on a reunion episode last month, were living apart during the coronavirus lockdown.

Speaking in a YouTube video entitled Our Break Up, she said: “Harry and I are not together anymore, he decided to break up with me because he couldn’t do long distance anymore. I obviously was heartbroken.”

She added: “I genuinely thought that we were just going through a rocky period and that we were going to figure it out and when I moved to LA we would figure it out.

“I genuinely thought that no matter what we were going to end up together. I thought we were going to get married.”

She continued: “There are a lot of things I personally believe, for my mental health, that I cannot tolerate anymore.

“I cannot fake a relationship. I cannot pretend that everything is going to be OK. I’m deciding to come forward with this video to announce that we’re not together and we’re not getting back together because I needed to solidify that in my own brain and be honest with you guys.

“I can only tolerate so much and I need to move on, and the only way I can move on is by making this video and telling everyone that that’s what happened.

“I’m trying not to give too many details because it’s a very personal situation.

“There are things that have been done that have made me realise that that is not the relationship I deserve to be in, there are two sides to every story and I’m not perfect either. The love I had for him was very, very, very, very real.”

Farago said Jowsey ended the relationship because of the long distance, as she lives in Vancouver in Canada and he lives in Los Angeles.

She said: “There was a lot of rumours that came up that turned out to be true, I was getting sent a lot of screenshots and messages.

“I didn’t want to believe it because how could you have a wedding ring folder with someone and how could you propose to someone but you’re also saying ‘I can’t be with you because of the distance’, it makes me feel like I was being played and just sad with myself for letting myself be put through this situation.

“I don’t think anyone can stay in a situation where you’re extremely unhappy and you’re not being treated the way you should be treated. There’s a lot more to this story.”

Jowsey later posted a video on his Instagram story, saying he would clarify what happened in a live post later.

He said: “I just want to thank everyone who isn’t jumping to conclusions … there are always two sides to every story.

“Francesca knows I’m always going to love her and she’s always in my heart, in a special place with me. But I’m going to touch on that tomorrow.”


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