Top active members revealed at President’s Award Scheme

n YFCU President Zita McNaugher with Melissa Sloan, Kilrea YFC, Robert Sloan, Kilrea YFC and Christine Maybin, Lisnamurrican YFC - Over 25 category.

YOUNG Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster (YFCU) is delighted to announce this year’s winners of the President’s Award Scheme. Eighteen YFCU members who came out top in their age categories were invited to the award ceremony which was held on Thursday, September 19, at CAFRE, Loughry Campus.

This is the second year that the association has organised the scheme which aims to encourage members to get involved in additional activities and events offered by YFCU.

n YFCU President, Zita McNaugher with Ian Walker, Collone YFC, Lynne Montgomery, City of Derry YFC and Richard Beattie, Finvoy YFC - 21-25 age category. :

With an increase in participation of 43 per cent on last year, this year’s scheme had 116 members who were awarded certificates. At the ceremony, the top three winners of each age category were presented with a copy of their certificate and a commemorative plaque to mark their achievement.

Commenting on the scheme, YFCU President Zita McNaugher said: “I’d like to congratulate all those who have achieved the President’s Award. It recognises the hard work and commitment from members not only at competitions but at all the other events we run throughout the year. Members have participated to the best of their ability to achieve their award and they should be extremely proud of this.”

Karen Walker, Collone YFC, winner of the 14-16 age category, commented: “I love being a member of the Young Farmers because it gives me the opportunity to make friends and take part in lots of competitions, in particular the Arts Festival and Girls’ Football.”

Robert Sloan, Kilrea YFC, winner of the over 25 age category, also commented: “I have been in the Young Farmers for over 17 years and I always say that it’s not the winning that counts but the taking part. There is a great mix of educational and social activities and many relationships formed that last a lifetime.”


12-14 age category – 1st Hannah McClelland, Coleraine YFC; 2nd Ellie Hawthorne, Collone YFC; 3rd Robyn Marshall, Holestone YFC.

14-16 age category – 1st Karen Walker, Collone YFC; 2nd Luke Milligan, Collone YFC; 3rd Sophie Hawthorne, Collone YFC.

16-18 age category – 1st Alexis Kidd, Lisnamurrican YFC; 2nd Cara Millar, Coleraine YFC; 3rd Zoe Weir, Annaclone YFC.

18-21 age category – 1st Adam Alexander, Kilrea YFC; 2nd Matthew Livingstone, Collone YFC; 3rd Laura Patterson, Holestone YFC.

21-25 age category – 1st Richard Beattie, Finvoy YFC; 2nd Lynne Montgomery, City of Derry YFC; 3rd Ian Walker, Collone YFC.

n YFCU President, Zita McNaugher with Adam Alexander, Kilrea YFC, Laura Patterson, Holestone YFC and Matthew Livingstone, Collone YFC - 18-21 age category. :

Over 25 category – 1st Robert Sloan, Kilrea YFC; 2nd Melissa Sloan, Kilrea YFC; 3rd Christine Maybin, Lisnamurrican YFC.


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