Top Hereford is imported

50 Dec 3, 1968 Hereford SM Farm

A 13-month-old Canadian Hereford bull – believed to be the first of its breed ever imported into the country – will be arriving in Northern Ireland on December 16 to join the well-known Dungannon herd of Mr Sam Douglas.

The bull is currently in quarantine in Scotland and on arrival in Ulster will be subjected to further quarantining regulations here.

“It is a long story,” Mr Douglas explained. “In August last year I bought a bull in Canada but it failed to pass the necessary tests.

“The same fate befell a replacement animal but now apparently it is a case of third time lucky and I am looking forward to the bull’s arrival.”

As secretary of the Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders’ Association, Mr Douglas was prominently identified with the major shipment of Herefords to Sweden at the weekend.


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