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Top tips on how to clip your horse

A lot of Old Mill customers have taken the plunge and started clipping their hairy monsters, we regularly get asked for advice, so here are some of our top tips:


Make sure your blades are clean and sharp. If your blades are still in good condition, we can send them back to the supplier to be sharpened for you, you will be advised of the cost in advance and they will be posted directly to your home address. If you have had them for a while, however, it may be worthwhile investing in a new set.

If it is warm enough, bath your horse before you clip; if it is too cold, then a good groom and a hot cloth will still be okay. Here at Old Mill Saddlery, we stock no rinse shampoos, such as NAF Warming Wash and NAF Lavender Wash. These are very simple to use and leave your horse or pony smelling fantastic.


If your horse is a little nervous, you might consider giving them a calmer, such as the Le Mieux Calming Cookies or the Plusvital Chillax syringe. These both contain a range of ingredients aimed specifically at calming excitable or stressed horses. If you are unsure if they will be suitable for your horse or pony, please contact your vet beforehand.


When clipping round your horses face and ears, a trimmer can be easier as they tend to be quieter, we also stock combi packs that contain both a clipper and trimmer, so you are covered for every eventuality. One of the most popular is the Lark Clipper and Hummingbird Combi set, which comes in blue and pink. Also ensure you are standing on something suitable when reaching up high, such as the Stubbs Mounting Block, it is lightweight yet sturdy. It has no sharp corners, slip resistant tread plates and hand holes, so it can be easily carried.

When you have finished clipping, always ensure you remove the blades, clean and oil them. To help with this, we stock the Liveryman Clipper Care Kit, which contains 200ml of Liveryman clipper oil spray, 200ml of Liveryman clipper blade wash and a brush to remove the left over hairs.

For more information on any of these products, please go to or call us on 028 9335 3268 and our customer service team will be happy to help you. They can also be viewed along with many other products in our newly refurbished superstore based at 110 Larne Road, Ballycarry, BT38 9JN.

We kindly ask that all our store customers use the hand sanitising station provided when entering the building and to wear face coverings, as per the current government guidelines. As always, we thank you for your support, patience and understanding with the measures we have put in place to help keep both our staff and customers safe.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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