Tough competition at Kernan’s RUAS Balmoral Qualifier

Kernans RUAS BR Farm
AMATEUR: Ruairi Holmes on ‘Figaro 1V’ won the Amateur RUAS qualifier at Kernan’s and was congratulated by Terence McKeague and Duke McCartney representing RUAS Balmoral. (FW13-559NN)

A qualifier for RUAS Balmoral Show was held at Kernan Equestrian Centre, Crossmaglen on Saturday, March 23. The first competition, the Amateur class, with a field of 58 competitors, kicked off in good time with the As going first. From the 15 combinations through to the jump off, five came from the A category and 10 from the AAs. The eventual winner, A rider Ruairi Holmes on ‘Figaro 1V’s’ fast time of 29.85 seconds set a cracking pace that could not be bettered by Sheikh Samir Mirdad on ‘Mirdads Maaa Shaaa Allah’, who finished on a time of 30.65 seconds giving him second place. Catriona Cody on ‘Killagriff Miss Louise’ gave the AAs third place in a time of 32.28 seconds. Fourth place went to Catherine McLoughlin on ‘Ballyenglan Festival’ (34.61 seconds), fifth to Ian Moore on ‘Triple C’ (31.67 seconds), sixth to Fiona Thompson on ‘Curolea’ (33.18 seconds) and the last qualifying place went to Fergus McGirr on ‘Urban Cowboy’.

The second competition for Five-Year-Old horses had an outright winner in popular local man William Anderson on ‘LMD Douglas Swath’ giving him first place. Second went to another (adopted) local man, Tom Hearne on James Curran’s ‘Wiedum’. Kenneth Graham on ‘Cote D’Azure’ was third; Rachel Chapman and ‘OS Pouilly Fuisse’ came fourth and the last qualifying place went to John Murray and ‘Bukhara Cruise’.

RUNNER UP: Right, Shiekh Samir Mirdad on ‘Mirdads Maga Shaa Allah’ came second in the Amateur RUAS qualifier at Kernan’s and was presented with his rosette by Terence McKeague representing RUAS Balmoral. (FW13-558NN)

The third competition for Six-/ Seven-Year-Old horses produced four winners dividing first place – Jonathan Smyth on ‘Crystal Graf’, Natasha Carolyn on ‘Halina HL’, Paul Carberry on ‘Cranny West’ and John Murray on ‘Mohill Rosetta’. The last qualifying place went to Harry Marshall and ‘Mistral JT Dauwhof’.

The last competition of the day was the 1.35m class. With only one horse and rider jumping clear, there was no need to go to a jump off. That winning round was produced by young rider Emma McEntee on J Dunlop’s ‘Crinnickroodnoot’. Another young rider, Abby Morton on ‘Marblearch’ finished in second place. The other three who successfully qualified were Paul Carberry, who took third and fourth places respectively on ‘Brandonview First Edition’ and ‘Cranny West’ and James Hogg on ‘Tynan Orchid’.

A good day’s sport was enjoyed by all. Kernan Equestrian Centre wishes to extend their sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the day. A special thanks to RUAS Balmoral’s representative Carolyn Houston, Terence McKeague and Duke McCartney, commentator John Chambers and SJI senior judge Janet Currie.


Saturday, March 23

RUAS Balmoral Qualifiers

Event 1 – Amateur class: 1) R Holmes’ Figaro 1V, Ruairi Holmes; 2) S Mirdad’s Mirdads Maga Shaa Alliah, Shiekh Samir Mirdad; 3) C Cody’s Killagriff Miss Louise, Caitriona Cody; 4) C McLoughlin’s Ballyengland Featival, Catherine McLoughlin; 5) I Moore’s Triple C, Ian Moore; 6) F Thompson’s Curolea Roni, Fiona Thompson; 7) M Burke’s Urban Cowboy, Fergus McGirr.

Event 2 – Five-Year-Old class: 1) E Treanor’s LMD Douglas Swatch, William Anderson; 2) J Curran’s Wiedum, Tom Hearne; 3) R Wasomar’s Cote d’Azure, Kenneth Graham; 4) L Chapman’s OS Pouilly Fuisse, Rachel Chapman; 5) L Murray’s Bikhara Cruise, ; 6) L Leavesley’s Emerald Sunshine, Lorraine Leavesley.

Event 3 – Six-/ Seven-Year-Old class: =1) A Doherty’s Crystal Graf, Jonathan Smyth; NKC Sport Horse’s Halina HL, Natasha Carolan; P Carberry’s Cranny West, Paul Carberry; J Mulligan’s Mohill Rosetta, John Mulligan; 5) H Marshall’s Mistral VT Dauwhoh, Harry Marshall; 6) C Mulverry’s Sliabh Papillion Breaker, John Mulligan.

FIVE-YEAR-OLD: William Anderson and ‘LMD Douglas Swatch’, winner of the Five-Year-Old RUAS qualifier at Kernan’s, receiving his rosette from Balmoral representative, Carolyn Houston. (FW13-557NN)

Event 4 – 1.35m class: 1) J Dunlop’s Cinnickroodnoot, Emma McEntee; 2) G Kerr’s Marblearch, Abby Morton; 3) P Carberry’s Brandonview First Edition, Paul Carberry; 4) P Carberry’s Cranny West, Paul Carberry; 5) A Patterson’s Tynan Orchid, James Hogg; 6) H Marshall’s First Verdi, Harry Marshall.


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