Tractors ‘n’ Smoke road run

n Gareth Pearson, Randalstown.

WITH the weather holding up, a massive 268 tractors turned up for the ’20 years of Tractor ‘n’ Smoke’, organised by the Braid Valley Vintage Enthusiasts Ltd.

The road run marked the 20th anniversary of the first tractor run in Ireland, called the Millennium Tractor Road Run, which was attended by nearly 400 tractors from all over Ireland and the UK.

n John Lamont, from the Vow Vintage Club. :

The Braid Valley Vintage Enthusiasts Ltd has been organising an annual tractor run ever since, though nowhere near as big as the ’20 years of Tractor ‘n’ Smoke’.

The assembly point, too, was moved from Broughshane Community Centre to Ballymena Livestock Market. From there, the cavalcade went along the Woodside, Raceview, Main Street, Broughshane, Church Entry, Buckna, Carnalbanagh, Racavan, Douglas, Church, Glenhead, Shilnavogie, Carnalbanagh, Burn-side, Kilnacolpagh, Laugh, Cushendall, Liles Hill and Hazelbank roads to the halfway spot at Hamill Brothers at the Sheddings.

There were also two off road sections and a run through Robinson’s Quarry.

After the break, it was along the Carnlough, Longmore, Cloneytrace, Elginny, Tullymore roads, Main Street and back to the Market Yard at Woodside Road.

The Braid Valley Vintage Enthusiasts Ltd would like to thank everyone for their support: the tractor drivers, land owners, Ballymena Livestock Market, Robinson Quarry Masters, Hamill Brothers, marshals, and everyone who helped in any way. They also thanked everyone for adhering to social distancing, and keeping themselves and others safe.

n Bryan Hanna hits the road. :

The proceeds are in aid of Air Ambulance Northern Ireland.


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