Training with NI Youth Dressage

Youth Dressage BR Farm
TRAINING SESSION: Sam, Orla and Ellen pictured after their training session with Northern Ireland Youth Dressage. (FW26-508NN)

LAST Monday evening saw a great night’s training with Northern Ireland Youth Dressage. Orla, Lana, Ellen, Bethany, Eilish, Sam and Zara attended. The first group worked on a variety of things from developing feel for the right amount of energy in the paces, including lengthening and shortening, when to be a bit bolder, how to ride for calmness and swing, as well as position work.

GUIDANCE: Alison Mastin Moore pictured with Zara, Lana and Eilish at the Northern Ireland Youth Dressage training night. (FW26-507NN)

The second group covered the same work with even more attention on the use of lateral exercises to engage the horses ‘mind’.

A huge thank you must go to Alison Mastin Moore and all the parents who put in so much time and effort.


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