Transform your grass this summer


TRANSFORM your grass this summer with one of the new Palatine GH240 grass harrows available at Drumlish Farm Machinery in County Tyrone. These new grass harrows are manufactured in County Limerick and are on the top end of quality when it comes to grass harrows.

Ken Smyth, founder of Palatine Engineering, boasts a strong agriculture and engineering background and spent many years developing the new grass harrow line which is successfully being sold across Ireland, the UK and beyond. Ken explained: “It was while I was out topping that I realised there must be a better way of controlling weeds.”

The new Palatine Grass Harrow is designed to improve both grass quality and yield. It achieves this by tearing out old dead grass and moss while at the same time opening up the ground surface and breaking up crusts.

The harrows are all modular, based around a standard bank of 60 tines (which is 1.5m wide). The folding does not follow the normal pattern of simply tipping the sections on their side. Instead, there is an ingenious, hydraulically-powered linkage that lifts each bank and ‘stacks’ it above the inner section. This ensures that the tines point down rather than present the hazard of pointing outwards.

According to Gerard Barret, Sales Manager at Drumlish Farm Machinery: “These new grass harrows are built to a very high standard and can be used in conjunction with a seeder to spread and harrow in the seed.” He added: “We now stock Palatine Grass Harrows as there are many useful features and advantages that are not available on competitors’ models.”

Drumlish Farm Machinery also offers the full range of Kuhn’s world leading mowers, tedders and rakes. To compliment this range is cultivation and seeding equipment by Sumo, which includes the highly popular GLS Subsolier, perfect for getting your land in top condition. Local Armagh based SlurryKat is also a brand big in demand for Drumlish.

Drumlish Farm Machinery also

operates an agricultural con-tracting business and working farm, ensuring it provides first hand experience for all your farming needs.

n To find out more about the latest farming equipment call Drumlish Farm Machinery on 028 8289 8891 or visit


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