Trillick and District celebrates 55th anniversary

GROUP: Thomas Vance, Jack Henderson, Nathan Graham, James Vance, Harry and Thomas Vance, Ryan Armstrong, David Vance, Charlie Henderson and Jack Armstrong.

YFCU President James Speers was guest speaker at Trillick & District YFC’s 55th anniversary dinner, held in the Woodhill Hunting Lodge, Irvinestown.

Among those attending were four founder members, Billy Funston, John and Derek Bleakley and Billy Grey and two families with three generations of members, Billy, Andrew and Jamie McCutcheon and Florence Barrett with Michelle and Amy McCullough.

ARRIVED: Laura Sproule and Megan Birney.

Jamie Armstrong, Club President, acted as Chairman, James Vance, Assistant Club Leader, said grace and Judith McKinley, Secretary, reviewed the past five year’s club activities.

Following the President’s speech Jack Henderson, PRO, proposed the toast to the YFCU and the vote of thanks was given by John Armstrong, Club Leader, seconded by Pauline Armstrong.

As a surprise for the guests and their parents, three members presently working abroad sent video messages – Timothy Keys and Shannen Vance (NZ), and Colin McKinley (Canada).

The anniversary cake was cut by James Speers with the youngest members Molly Henderson and Ryan Armstrong.

CELEBRATIONS: John Armstrong, Club Leader, Jamie Armstrong, Club President, James Vance, Asstistant Club Leader, Jack Henderson, PRO, Judith McKinley, Secretary and James Speers, YFCU President.

All present received an account of 2013-2018 and a cow tag favour. Music for dancing was by DJ Bob.


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