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Turning up the heat for Hagans Croft Dressage League

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SATURDAY, July 17 saw competitors turn down the centre line for the dressage league at Hagans Croft on one of the hottest days on record for Northern Ireland. The judges certainly had their hats on, as on this rare occasion, the judge’s car wasn’t in the arena and instead there were two chairs!

The day started out with the Intro class and, with a total of 13 competitors, those combinations had to work hard to gain marks for accuracy. This wasn’t a problem for one of the youngest competitors in this class – Elizabeth Swift and ‘Eeabrooke Isra’, who saluted to a score of 69.57% and first place. What a great achievement for this young rider – organisers look forward to see how they do throughout the league.

Jackie Flynn and ‘Meikle Dumbledore’ had a shaky start in the warm up arena, however, when it came their time they certainly shone, with a score of 67.39% and second place – just the confidence boost they needed!

It was then on to Class 2 Newcomers, where competitors rode a British Dressage Prelim 4 test. Once again, it was one of the youngest competitors who finished in the top spot. Massively improving on their score from the previous week, Charlie Watson and ‘Master Casper Boy’ finished on a very impressive score of 75.95%; strides ahead of everyone else, there was no denying them the red rosette for all their efforts!

Valerie McCracken decided to take the plunge and take on a Prelim test and their decision was well worth it, as the pair came home with a blue ribbon with 61.82%.

Claire Young and ‘Zody’ massively improved on their score from the week before, in fact the pair finished on 76.05%, which was the best score overall throughout all classes on the day. It was no surprise that they were awarded the red ribbon. Erin Mathieson and her beautiful gelding ‘Colin’ had a great day out to finish on an impressive 71.58% and second place, lots of pictures ad video footage were taken of the pair to capture their success.

The Novice class saw some very strong tests ridden in front of judge, Claire Sedgeman. Not much separated the top two spots, with only 0.19% in it. However, it was Bethany Smith and ‘Dun Surprise’ who claimed the red ribbon for their score of 68.65%, with Kate Russell and ‘Bingo’ in second place with 68.46%.

To finish the day, two competitors took on the Elementary class, where both Mandy Blakely and Elaine Scott executed some beautiful leg yields across the 20×40 arena. Mandy and ‘Clerkson’ just tipped Elaine and ‘Mirabelle’ to the top spot with 67.33% and first place, while Elaine brought home the blue rosette with 66.33%. There was some great sport between both competitors, including words of encouragement – well done!

Thank you to all the competitors, who supported the second leg of this six-week league – Hagans Croft hopes to see everyone again next week. Thanks are extended to judges Coreen Abernethy, Claire Sedgeman and to all the stewards, who make the event run so smoothly. The league continues every Saturday until August 14 and is open to all competitors, even if you are not wishing to qualify for the league.

To qualify for the final in week six, each horse/ pony and rider combination must compete in four out of the six weeks and within the same dressage class. Competitors must be present at the final to be eligible for league placings. Scoring is based on a points system and details of league scores can be found on Hagans Croft’s website or facebook page. Rosettes are awarded to the first six placings each week and within the overall league placings. Everyone is welcome to compete at the final in week six, with a separate prize giving held for those competing on the day and those competing within the league.

This event is pre-entry only, with entries via Hagans Croft website or download the Hagans Croft App onto your smart phone. Please see website: www.haganscroftequestrian.co.uk, Facebook or Instagram page for more details or contact Gillian on 07849 106453.


Saturday, July 17

Dressage League

Class 1: INTRO – British Dressage Introductory B, 2009: 1) Elizabeth Swift, Eeabrook Isra 69.57%; 2) Jackie Flynn, Meikle Dumbledore 67.39%; 3) Jo McKelvie, Peri 66.52%; 4) Andrew Ross, Military Road 64.78%; 5) Kristina Hayes, Ruby 64.35%; 6) Claire Walker, Blaze 64.13%.

Class 2: NEWCOMERS PRELIM – British Dressage, Prelim 4, 2002: 1) Charlie Watson, Master Casper Boy 75.95%; 2) Valerie McCracken, Big Promise 61.82%; 3) Lauren Gordon, Sparrow 60%; 4) Lea Bleeks, High Meadows PJ 57.73%; 5) Lauren Gordon, Yorkie 56.14%.

Class 3: PRELIM – British Dressage, Prelim 1, 2006: 1) Claire Young, Zody 76.05%; 2) Erin Mathieson, Colin 71.58%; 3) Kelsea Maginnis, Mia 70.79%; 4) Bethany Smith, Goldengrove Silhouette 70.53%; 5) Margaret Kidd, Madison 69.47%; 6) Victoria Laverty, Indi 68.95%.

Class 4: NOVICE – British Dressage, Novice 30, 2006: 1) Bethany Smith, Dun Surprise 68.65%; 2) Kate Russell, Bingo 68.46%; 3) Elaine Scott, Mirabelle 67.69%; 4) Olivia Courtney, Moo 67.31%; 5) Katie Watson, Lissyegan Bay News 65.96%; 6) Erin Mathieson, Colin 65.38%.

Class 5: ELEMENTARY – British Dressage, Elementary 49, 2009: 1) Mandy Blakely, Clerkson 67.33%; 2) Elaine Scott, Mirabelle 66.33%.

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