Ulster poultry fanciers excel

Ulster poultry fanciers excel

On Friday, November 30, I had the pleasure of travelling with a true fancier, Gordon Walker from Gilford, to the English National Show.

With almost 7,000 entries at the show, it was great to meet so many fellow Ulster and Irish fanciers that had made the long journey over to exhibit their birds and they did everyone proud.

sSome of the notable successes are as follows:

Gordon Walker, Champion and Reserve Champion Langshan with a young cockerel. The bird was then selected by the Championship judge as the Champion Bantam Male of the show. This is the second year in a row that this award has come home to Ulster with it being won last year by D & M Gillespie.

D & M Gillespie, not to be outdone by Gordon, got their name on the Championship Board, winning Champion Heavy Breed Duck with a wonderful Saxony drake as well as gaining a fourth place with their Saxony Duck. Another great achievement was gaining first in the White Call Duck class, out of a very large class.

Staying with ducks, the following exhibitors had excellent results:

Ginny McKee enjoyed a tremendous result getting Reserve Champion Call with a beautiful silver Appleyard duck;

Jimmy Ryan took Best Call Duck trio;

McLaren and Adams were first in Dusky Mallard Calls;

James Hammond was Best Marked Mallard with a Pied Female, Best Marked Variety with a magpie female, Champion Non Standard with a chocolate Appleyard female. James also gained first in the following classes – Pied Female, Butterscotch, Magpie Female, Magpie Male and Non Standard Female.

Peter Hamill took first with his Mallard Call Drake.

As well as Gordon’s success in the Soft Feather, another notable breeder, Geoff Weir, had an outstanding show.

Geoff Weir got Champion Sussex out of over 200 entries with his Speckled hen, Best Large Orpington with his Black pullet, Best Buff Cochin first with a dark Brahma female and first with Orpington Cockerel. Geoff also got first in both the male and female classes with his Grey Carlisle in his first year of showing these birds.

Peter Hamill had first with a Coronation Sussex bantam, first with his Sumatra female, Best Pair Pullets (Sumatra’s) and first with his large Thuringian Cock.

Jonathan Fletcher, following on

from his grandfather and father’s great tradition of keeping Wel-summers, won the Hen Class in this, the 90th year for the Welsummer breed in the UK. This was another notable achievement against a large entry.

M & R Neill gained first in the Large Fowl Salmon Flaverolle with a beautiful pullet.

Judith Lyons Reserve Champion and Best Opposite Sex with her Plymouth Rock pullet, as well as gaining first with her Plymouth Rock cock bird and first with a Black de’watermael male.

Patricia Swandell won the large hen and cock classes in the Black Orpingtons.

Jimmy Ryan was first with a Brahma light male and best light Brahma, first Dark Brahma male and Best Dark Brahma large fowl and first with his booted hen.

Daniel Moore gained first with a silver spangled Bantam Hamburg and Best Silver spangled bantam.

McLaren and Adams Best of Breed Thuringian with a Chamois Thuringian Cockerel and also first with a chamois pullet. In the Moderns they also won with a Pile male.

James Weatherup received five firsts, Best Self-Coloured and Best Non Standard in his Polands.

Norman Colhoun won all four classes with his Suffolk Chequers with the hen getting Best of Breed. In the Sussex Norman got Best Bantam Silver with a pullet.

Other people were exhibiting and among the cards where Dermott Gardiner, Eugene Mallon, John Devenny, Becky Adams and David Thompson.

Apologies if I have missed anyone, but a tremendous show for

the exhibitors and breeders from here.

Exhibitors who were also judging at the National was father and son team Joe and Neal Adams OEG and the young Ryan Liggett judging the Suffolk Exchequer class.


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