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Ulster Region Grand Prix Tour concludes at Portmore

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WITH the strange year we are living in, the Ulster Region of Show Jumping Ireland were delighted to be able to host the Ulster Region Grand Prix Tour to cater for all levels for members in a safe but competitive manner. The centres took the new protocols on board and produced legs of the league, with not only great jumping but plenty of hand sanitiser and social distancing.

The league catered for everyone, with classes from 1m to the prestigious 1.35m Grand Prix and incorporated Young Rider classes in the 1.10m and 1.20m classes; while Amateurs were incorporated within the 1m and 1.10m classes.

The league started at Kernan Equestrian Centre, Crossmaglen on Sunday, July 12, with legs run at Connell Hill, Cavan, Balmoral Park Championship, Causeway Coast and the Meadows before the final on Saturday, September 19 at Portmore Equestrian Centre, Aghalee.

Fiona Thompson led throughout the league in the 1m class and, despite Danielle Kennedy’s fantastic victory at the Portmore final, Fiona had left too much for Danielle to catch up and she had to settle for second place. Niamh Mallon McFall’s consistency throughout the league left her in third place.

In the 1.10m Senior section, the top three league contenders came first, second and third on the final day and Sarah Kinnear’s third place allowed her to keep her lead, just two points ahead of winner on the day, Nicola Hall. Sarah Burns was second on the day and took third place in the overall league.

The 1.10m Young Rider section saw Abby Morton taking first and third places overall on the league table. Her third place finish kept her lead, despite a great round from first season 1.10m competitor, Finn Osbourne, who won the overall 1.10m class on the day and took second place in the league.

As the 1m and the 1.10m classes also incorporated The Ulster Amateur Points Cup, the winners of the two classes appropriately confirmed their overall wins, with Danielle Kennedy taking the A Section and Nicola Hall the AA Section.

Simon Scott showed his competitiveness in the 1.20m Senior section, with a fabulous win at Portmore, which cemented his league win. Victoria Brown showed consistency throughout the league and came in second, while Sarah Burns received her second accolade of the day and took third place overall in the 1.20m also.

The 1.20m Young Rider section had been the ‘Olivia and Abby show’ throughout the league and these two competitive young ladies were all set for a showdown at the final. Abby Morton’s unfortunate faults in the first round ensured Olivia Roulston and ‘Avalent’ would take the league title, but that didn’t stop Olivia producing the winning round in the final. Olivia also took third place on ‘Novallent’ in the league, finishing not just a great show but a great league overall.

In the 1.35m Grand Prix class, Simon Scott and John McLaughlin came into the league final neck and neck, but it was definitely Simon’s day and he finished first and second on the day, leaving him as league winner and also in third place. John jumped a fabulous round, but had an unlucky pole down, which left him in fourth place on the day and second in the league. Jessica McIntyre jumped two perfect rounds and took third place at the final, unfortunately she was just out of the league placings.

The Ulster Region Committee would like to thank the competitors for providing such fantastic jumping and such an exciting league, the course designers for setting such great tracks, the judges for keeping everyone on the straight and narrow. The centres must get a big round of applause for going above and beyond to allow everyone to compete in such a safe manner and be able to keep with in the government guidelines and the covid officers for all their hard work in this very strange year.


Sunday, September 20

Ulster Region Grand Prix Tour Final at Portmore


1m Ulster Region Grand Prix Series: =1) Danielle Kennedy’s Demero, Danielle Kennedy; Fiona Thompson’s Curolea Roni, Fiona Thompson; Eavan White’s O’Harabrook, Fiona Thompson; Philip G L White’s Kinnego Bay (UR), Philip G L White; Rachel McCaughey’s Altaskin Punk, Rachel McCaughey; Leslie James Goudie’s Carrickadawson Candy, Simon Scott; Alex Magill’s Legaland Tadmus, Alex Magill; Taryn McClurkin’s Innocense, Taryn McClurkin; Patrick Ward’s Ardnaglass Lizzy, Patrick Ward; Liz Brown’s Bellscross Cruisedown, Liz Brown; Simon Scott’s Baby Charlton, Sarah M Kelly; Lisa Patterson’s Rockmount Ivy, Lisa Patterson; Ellie Ward’s Liberty DMC, Ellie Ward; Amy Wilson’s Vagabond, Amy Wilson; Lisa Smyth’s Je T’Aime Le Fantome, Lisa Smyth; Jane Kealey’s Danny Boy II, Jane Kealey; Michelle Daly’s Greenfield Valentino, Clara Daly; Amanda Ellen McCracken’s Micky’s Cruising Diamond, Amanda Ellen McCracken; Jean Topping’s Libby, Chelsea Topping; Markus Buser’s Kimmi, Markus Buser; Ian Millar’s Quality Quick Star, Harriet Whoriskey Heaney.

1.10m Ulster Region Grand Prix Series: 1) Kevin Osborne’s Chicco Camiro, Finn Osborne; 2) Niccola Hall’s Ladykiller, Niccola Hall; 3) Sarah Burns’s Georgies Star, Sarah Burns; 4) Markus Buser’s Agusta, Teaghán Eamonn Burns; 5) Sarah Kinnear’s Elf Queen, Sarah Kinnear; 6) Joanne Morton’s Blueoak Yogi, Abby Morton.

1.20m Ulster Region Grand Prix Series: 1) Philip Rosbotham’s Avalent, Olivia A Roulston; 2) Leslie James Goudie’s Luxs Like Candy, Simon Scott; 3) Philip G L White’s Texan Style, Tegan J White-McMorrow; 4) Alexandra Bailey’s Callie LVS Z, Alexandra Bailey; 5) Jessica McIntyre’s Stellor Skipon, Jessica McIntyre; 6) Ian Millar’s Master Millar, Simon Scott.

1.35m Ulster Region Grand Prix Series: 1) Ian Millar’s Ploverfield Lilyana, Simon Scott; 2) Simon Scott’s Jasmine Tide, Simon Scott; 3) Jessica McIntyre’s Fabio M (KWPN), Jessica McIntyre; 4) John McLaughlin’s Lincourt Luidam, John McLaughlin; 5) Tom Spence’s Gortshalgan, Michael Cave; 6) Ian Millar’s Master Millar, Simon Scott.


1m Ulster Region Grand Prix Series:

1) Fiona Thompson; 2) Danielle Kennedy; 3) Niamh Mallon McFall.

1.10m Ulster Region Grand Prix Series: 1) Sarah Kinnear; 2) Nicola Hall; 3) Sarah Burns.

1.10m Young Rider: 1) Abby Morton; 2) Finn Osbourne; 3) Abby Morton.

Amateurs – A Section: 1) Danielle Kennedy.

Amateurs – AA Section: 1) Nicola Hall.

1.20m Ulster Region Grand Prix Series: 1) Simon Scott; 2) Victoria Brown; 3) Sarah Burns.

1.20m Young Rider: 1) Olivia Roulston; 2) Abby Morton; 3) Olivia Roulston.

1.35m Ulster Region Grand Prix Series: 1) Simon Scott; 2) John McLaughlin; 3) Simon Scott.

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