Ulster success at English Federation Show

Ulster success at English Federation Show

After the great success at the National Show a few weeks back, it was with interest that the Ulster poultry enthusiast headed to the Federation Show.

This was the biggest show for a long time, pipping the National with almost 7,000 entries excluding sales pens.

Mervyn Mooney from the Ards peninsula took over from Gordon Walker, winning Champion Lang-shan with a lovely black Cockerel which was also Best black bantam.

A great success for Mervyn who has just recently returned to

the showing scene after a few

years break.

Mervyn also had great success with his black d’Andver Cockerel, taking first in a very strong class as well as various other placings with his other birds.

M & R Neill, from Portadown, were pleased to have won Champion Club Show Faverolles with their salmon pullet. She also won Best Young Bird, Best Salmon, Best Large and also took Best Opposite Sex with their Salmon Cock.

Their other notable success was first with a trio of Welsummer bantams, first with a light Sussex male, first with a Light Sussex hen and also first with their rare breed Black Thuringian female.

Ryan Liggett from Portadown took first with his Black Poland Cockerel as well as several cards with his other Polands.

James Weatherup, from Ballyclare, gained Champion Laced Poland, Champion Frizzle Poland and Champion Laced Frizzle Poland, as well as Best Chamois and Best Non-White Crested. A great show for the two young showmen from Ulster in the Polands.

Gareth Ingram from Dromore gained first with his polecat hen as well as several other cards in the OEG classes

Other exhibitors from Northern Ireland that got birds placed at the show were Adams and

McLaren, Desmond Horner, Patricia Swandell, Eugene Mallon and Jimmy Ryan.

Artie Rice, from Crossgar, County Down, Chairman of the Rosecomb Club UK, achieved the following results: 1st, Black Rosecomb Hen and Best Adult; 1st, Black Red Male or Female, Best AOC Rosecomb; 1st, Gold Sebright Hen in Novice Class and Best Novice.

Dessie Horner from Carrowdore, County Down, achieved the following results: White Wyandotte Best old male, Best Bantam male and Best male in Club show Large or Bantam. Second in heavy breed trio class.

Andrew Beirne from County Cork achieved the following results: Best large Sussex, best opposite size and reserve Sussex champion with a Light Sussex Pullet; Best of breed Araucana with a large cuckoo pullet; a few other placings with the other entries.

Jean Wall from Wicklow had a great show winning Best Gold Laced Poland and Best Campine, some of the breeds that she has specialised in over a number of years

Becky Adams from Ballymena had first place in the Silkie feathered Serama male class.


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