Unexpected contest for Fermanagh seat

Former Ulster Farmers’ Union president Mr George Cathcart, left, of Bellanaleck, Enniskillen, who has been the County Fermanagh member on the Milk Marketing Board for Northern Ireland since it was set up in 1955, is facing a challenge for his seat in the forthcoming elections from one, or possibly two other milk producers in the county.

There was a surprise development at the Fermanagh county committee meeting of the union at which Mr Cathcart was once again adopted as the official UFU candidate when Mr William Burns, of Drumcreen, Ballinamallard, announced that he intended to contest the seat.

Mr Burns, who is vice-chairman of the North Fermanagh group of the union, but who was not entitled even to attend the county committee meeting, caused a stir when he said that if he had been aware of the procedure he would have submitted his name to the county milk committee as a candidate. As this had not been done, he still intended to contest the seat.

In the past few days it has also been reported that the well known milk producer Mr Clarence Ferguson of Ballyconnell, Enniskillen, has decided to seek election as the County Fermanagh member on the Board.

There will also be a contest for the County Armagh seat, with the union nominee, Mr Jack Liggett, being opposed by Mr George Hamilton, of Middletown.

The retiring County Armagh member, Mr Fred Allen, is not seeking re-election.


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