Unique forestry investment opportunity

Property opp TD Farm
ON THE MARKET: Premier Woodlands’ managing director John Hetherington standing in front of a section of the 100-acre forest, Wnear Pomeroy, which is now on the market.

ONE of the most attractive forestry development opportunities ever to come on the market in Northern Ireland is now available.

Extending to c.100 acres of land that was planted out in a mix of conifers and broadleaves just over twenty years ago, the forest is located on the outskirts of Pomeroy in Co Tyrone. Premier Woodlands is managing the sale of this uniquely valuable asset.

“One of the site’s main attractions is the fact that it is one block, bounded by two public roads,” explained Premier Woodlands’

managing director John Hetherington.

“It has also huge capital growth potential while also offering all of the tax advantage associated with a forestry investment of any kind.”

John confirmed that the forest has met all of its growth targets since its establishment in 1995.

“It was established to deliver a 30-35-year crop rotation, where timber sales are concerned. And the site is fully on track to deliver on this target.”

“Timber prices continue to appreciate at values well above that of inflation. And there is no sign of this trend reversing,” he continued.

“Demand for timber within the processing sector continues to outstrip supply.”

Adding to the growing interest in forestry development is the fact that increasing numbers of landowners now realise

that they can utilise an investment of this type as a means of reducing their exposure to Inheritance Tax (IHT).

Following two years of establishment, commercial woodlands in individual ownership will normally attract 100 per cent IHT Business Property Relief, thus removing them completely from any charge to IHT.

“The Pomeroy forest is, without doubt, one the most valuable investment opportunities to have come on the market over recent years,” John Hetherington said.

“The closing date for offers has been set for September 14.”

All enquiries relating to the sale of the property should be made to Premier Woodlands at (028) 7963 4236.


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