Unregistered jumping continues at Connell Hill

Connell SJ BR Farm
CLEAR DIFFERENCE: Sophie Clugston on ‘Spot the Difference’ jumped clear in the 90cm class at Connell Hill last Thursday. (FW28-551NN) PICTURES: courtesy of Lyndon McKee

CONNELL Hill (Randalstown) was pleased to host another unregistered show jumping show for horses and ponies on Thursday, July 2. Riders enjoyed jumping a terrific course built by Colm Quinn. These shows have been a great way for both horses and riders to get back into the way of competing after the Covid 19 break.

This week, July 9, will see the start of a six-week SJI horse league at Connell Hill. Entries can be made directly through the www.sjilive.com website.

FOCUSED: Laura Gordon on ‘Bella’ looks for her next fence in the 90cm class at Connell Hill last Thursday. (FW28-550NN)

Connell Hill has a jam-packed schedule for this summer, including a Derby on July 13, starting at 10am. The course will consist of a mix of working hunter and show jumping fences, starting at 60cm through to 1.10m and is kindly sponsored by Comfort Gut. All entries can be made via the website: www.connelhillequestriancentre.com, where there are also details of up and coming events.

Organisers would like to thank all who attend Connell Hill for their support and compliance with the new Covid guidelines. Any queries, please contact Gillian Creighton on 07715 201787.


Thursday, July 2

Horses – 80cm Double clear: Jessica Knipe, Autumns Gold; Alexis Carson, Kate; Alex Wallace, Royal Sea Breeze; Barry McCormick, Simba.

90cm Double clear: Laura Gordon, Bella; Barry McCormick, Marti; Jessia Knipe, Shanaghans Timothy; Caitlin Mann, Zula’s Honour; Sophie Clugston, Spot the Difference; Laura Gordon, Jake; Kathryn Watt, Bonnie; Barry McCormick, Rafa.

1m Double Clear: Lynn Lowry, Prince; Philip Gaw, Sandy; Markus Buser, Parsley; Barry McCormick, Movin Seebon; Jodie Creighton, Iggy.

1.10m: 1) Hannah Thompson, Millie; 2) Barry McCormick, Ballinamurra Eclipse; 3) Markus Buser, Vince.

1.20m: 1) Barry McCormick, Ballinamurra Eclipse; 2) Beverley Irwin, Flo.

Ponies – 128cm 80cm: Zoe Caskey, Gunner.

ACTION: Caitlin Mann on ‘Zula’s Honour’ in action in the 80cm class at Connell Hill last Thursday. (FW28-549NN)

128cm 90cm: Zoe Caskey, Speedy.


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