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Unregistered Summer League proving popular at Portmore

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THE second week of the Bluegrass Horse Feeds unregistered summer league at Portmore Equestrian Centre, Aghalee was held on Saturday, June 19. There was a great turnout and some impressive rounds were jumped in all classes!

The league continues each Saturday until July 17.

Competitors must compete on four weeks (including the final) to be eligible for the prizes. There will also be a ‘Leading Pony Rider’ and ‘Leading Horse Rider’ named at the final.

Classes range from cross-poles to


Prizes include Bluegrass goodies, merchandise, products and cash prizes – the prize fund is £2,000.

For more details on how to enter, please visit: www.portmoreequestrian centre.com or www.bluegrasshorsefeed.com


Saturday, June 19

Bluegrass Summer League

Cross-poles: Dominic Mullen, Sally; Sophia Montgomery , Limited Edition Fred; Maisie Rodgers, Commander; Aoife Kavanagh, Oliver Twist; Katie McGrandles, Bobby; Faith Greer, Tommies Brandy; Lucy Conroy, Only My Eoin; Sofia Suarez, Chloe; Tiernan McLaughlin, Milly; Vera Campbell, Rollo.

50cm: Ross Will, Rocco; Aoife Kavanagh, Oliver Twist; Jocelyn Willis, Sam; Ross Will, Ben.

60cm: Amy Robinson, Sherry; Brianna McGuigan, Clover; Maddison Biggerstaff, Ringo Star; Ava Bacchus, Jigsaw.

70cm: Joanne Wilkinson, Casper; Holly Knox, Lenny; Lucas Bradley, Gortlemon Isabelle; Marina Stewart, Troy; Kiera James, Rough Diamond; Ruby Millar, Cloone Red River; Ellie May Rodgers, Erne Valley.

80cm: Michael Irwin, Jake; Katie Campbell, Master; Morgan Hirst, Greco; Janene Gamble, Izzy; Rebecca Horner, Paddy; Harry Purdy, Belle; Lucas Bradley, Gortlemon Isabelle; Kate Millar, Just Ruby; Ruby Millar, Cloonie Red River; Nancy Scott, Seapatrick Bertie; Sophie Nesbitt, Glencairn Melanie.

90cm: Rachel Harrison; Katherine McCayley, Jack; Donna Campbell, Mary Lou; Sarah McLean, Diamond; Fiona McMillan, Bear; Nikki Cullen, Gemstone Ruby; James Courtney Cadam, LCC Gucci; Katy Connor, Rosie; Harry Purdy, Belle; Nicole Beattie, Maverick; Kerry McTaggart, Fancy Pants; Janie Cairns, Cesar; Helen Pearson Murray, Coco; Shannon Hasting, Simply Abigail; Rhiannon Ferguson, Evie; Kate Millar, Just Ruby; Rebecca Chambers, Boomerang;

Rachel Taylor, The Great Pretender;

Eva Curran, Sapphire; Alex

Best, Cali; Nancy Scott, Seapatrick Bertie.

1m: Lisa Allen, Dolly; Shanie Murphy, Jack; Debbie Quinn, Coco; Nikki Cullen, Danske Coever Lass; Kirsty Bates, Belle; Karen Ferris, Our Father; Elaine Morrow, Daisy; Helen Pearson Murray, Coco; Melissa McKinstry, Simply Dun; Charlie Black, Oscar Rua; Nikki Cullen, Gemstone Ruby; Abbie Carlisle, Monkey.

1.10m: Taryn McClurkin, Ellie; Sarah Sproule, Rainbow; Helen Pearson Murray, Daisy; Kodie Clarke, Zeva.

1.20m: Janie Cairn, Charlie; Sarah Sproule, Rainbow; Kodie Clarke, Heolas Q.

1.30m: Gary Close, Wally.

Bree Rutledgehttp://www.farmweek.com

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: b.rutledge@farmweek.com or horseweek@farmweek.com or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.

Email: b.rutledge@farmweek.com



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