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Unregistered Winter League off to a great start at Connell Hill

THE Unregistered Winter League at Connell Hill, Randalstown got off to a great start with some sunny Autumnal weather on Saturday. This league will run for six weeks until December 12. Further details and entry can be found on the website:

The centre also held another round of its SJI Autumn League last Thursday, November 5.

Connell Hill would like to thank all those who support the centre during these difficult times and for their continued cooperation and compliance with the covid restrictions and regulations.


Saturday, November 7

Unregistered Winter League

70cm – Double Clear: Dawn McAllister, Farrah; Amy Brown, Shaun; Ellie Hudson, Buddy the cob; Lesley McMorris, Indie; Emma Hoy, Bounty; Kat McQuillan, Jori; Aimee Fleming, Jess; Erin Johnston, Annie; Jodie Creighton, Bacon.

80cm – Double Clear: Dawn McAllister, Farrah; Helen Hoffin, Rachel; Emily Fearon, Noir; Coral Logue, Frankie; Aimee Fleming, Jess; Megan Norton, Hatti; Barry McCormack, Dizzy Rascal; Simon Carson, Abbey; Rachel Lockyear, Townhill Penny; Darragh Murphy, Lexi; Darragh Murphy, Madge.

90cm – Double Clear: Elaine Morrow, Daisy; Emily Fearon, Noir; Tracey Manson, Lily; Jessica McConnell, Apollo; Laura Gordon, Ozzy; Darragh Murphy, Lexi; Laura Doherty, Pepper; Emma Brown, Tullys Tina.

1m – Double Clear: Bethany Gordon, Molly; Niamh McFall, Syd; Laura Gordon, Jake; Ben Maybin, Maggy; Felicity MConnell, Finding Nemo.

1.10m: 1) Bethany Gordon, Molly; 2) Niamh McFall, Bob; 3) Claire Doherty, Finn.

1.20m: 1) Claire Doherty, Finn.

1.30m: 1) Suzanne Posnett, George; 2) Suzanne Posnett, Max.

Thursday, November 5

SJI Autumn League

80cm – Double Clear: Debbie McClean, Cockie WB.

90cm – Double Clear: Joseph Murphy, Ballygreenan Break Point.

1m – Double Clear: Chloe Connon, Doonini Z.

1.10m: 1) George Newton, Simply Grey; 2) Ian Moore, Triple C; 3) Grace McGarry, Imanthos; 4) Karen Fleck, Franko; 5) Alison Crothers, TMS Freya; 6) Alana Robb, Lucy Ludo.

1.20m: 1) Karen Fleck, Franko; 2) Joseph Murphy, Derroon Diplomat; 3) Joseph Murphy, SBS; 4) Liam McGarry, Kinmar Piloth; 5) Joseph Murphy, Cecil Bready; 6) Liam McGarry, Javas Bespoke.

1.30m: 1) Barry McCormack, Kingschoice; 2) Joseph Murphy, SBS Freelance; 3) Joseph Murphy, Cecil Bready; 4) Liam McGarry, Kinmar Piloth; 5) Joseph Murphy, Calmaro.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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