URBA virtual Border Leicester show proves to be a big success

Border leicester show SM Farm

The URBA Border Leicester section held a virtual show in the absence of the summer shows this year.

Duncan Whyte, Mearns, Scotland, had the task of judging the competition and sponsorship was provided by Fane Valley Stores and Alan Carson @ Natural Stock Care. It proved to be a great success.

Six classes were run with an excellent entry in each class.

Aged Ram Class – 1st Harold Dickey, “Rosenga”, Ballymnea, with Westforth Tennant, who was bought at Lanark Border Leicester Sale in 2017 as a Ram Lamb from Tom Tennant. The lamb was put to a few ewes when he came home to see how he would breed and as Harold says: “He seemed to be doing alright, the progeny of him has been winning prizes at many of the summer shows and is still used in the flock today with four shearlings entered for the sale this year on 28th September.”

Shearling Ram Class – 1st George & Holly Knox, “Kinsella”, Dundrod, Drennans Admiral BL96M R6 Sire: Alticane Altens Dam: Kilphin Kipling.

Ram Lamb Class – 1st Joe Adams & Sons, “Holmview”, Ballymena, BL63S S1 Sire: Slatehill Sparky Dam: BL63S Q10. Slatehill Sparky was bought last year at the Ballymena Sale from Stephen Wallace, “Slatehill”, Ballyclare, and has bred very well with all the ram lambs that are entered for the Border Leicester Sale on September 28 off him.

Aged Ewe Class – 1st James Aiken, “Carnew”, Dromore, BL39 P8 Sire: Knockglass Sunrise, purchased at the dispersal sale of the flock of the late Jackie Harrison, Lammermuir.

Gimmer Class – 1st James Aiken, “Carnew”, Dromore, BL466 R6 Sire: Muirmouth Ringleader Dam: BL3Y P8 (winner of the Aged Ewe class).

Ewe Lamb Class – 1st James Aiken, “Carnew”, Dromore, BL466 S2 Sire: Muirmouth Ringleader Dam:BL3Y P8 (winner of the Aged Ewe class). Muirmouth Ringleader was Champion at Balmoral 2019. Gimmers and Ram Lambs by this sire are entered for the Border Leicester sale in Ballymena Market on September 28.

Results for the classes as follows:

Aged Ram – 1st Harold Dickey, 2nd James Aiken, 3rd Bryans McIlroy, 4th William Semple.

Shearling Ram – 1st George & Holly Knox, 2nd Coote Geelan, 3rd Harold Dickey, 4th Coote Geelan.

Ram Lamb – 1st Joe Adams & Sons, 2nd Stephen Wallace, 3rd George & Holly Knox, 4th William Semple.

Aged Ewe – 1st James Aiken, 2nd George & Holly Knox, 3rd William Semple, 4th Harold Dickey.

Gimmer – 1st James Aiken, 2nd William Semple, 3rd Harold Dickey, 4th Stephen Wallace.

Ewe Lamb – 1st James Aiken, 2nd William Semple, 3rd James Aiken, 4th George & Holly Knox.

Next week judge Duncan Whyte will announce the Overall Champion and comment on the event.

Thanks must go to the sponsors over the years Fane Valley Stores, Natural Stockcare @ Alan Carson, J Thompson & Sons, and Danske Bank.


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