Vintage silage harvesters

n JF machines were also very popular harvesters of the time. This 42 inch machine is in wonderful condition as is powered by a nicely restored Ford 6x 3000.

WITH first cut silage now in full swing, we continue our series of pictures of silage harvesters which were popular from the end of the 1950s to the early 1970s.

n An early green coloured side mounted Tempest single chop dated from 1960/61. Powered by a Ford 6x 4000. Taarup machines were more familiar to farmers and contractors in their red colour scheme. :

These harvesters were the predecessors of the high volume equipment we see in fields today.

n Robert Cunningham from Co.Monaghan with one of the most popular single chops of the time a 42 inch Taarup Handy powered by his MF 165 .Again another common outfit used by farmers in the 1960s and early 1970s. :

n If you have any pictures of silage or hay harvesting, whether from years gone by or this year’s harvest, send them to

n John Dan OHare from Katesbridge Co.Down is driving Francie McBrides County 754 Turbo. The harvester is a 5 foot offset Taarup single chop complete with a Fraser silage trailer. :


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