Visting the workshop of dreams

The Repair Shop

6.30pm, BBC Two, Monday-Friday, March 12-16

BBC Two welcomes the return of The Repair Shop: the workshop of dreams where broken or damaged cherished family heirlooms are brought back to life. In the first episode of the new series the team takes on an antique plate camera, a dilapidated piece of designer furniture, and a treasured violin with a turbulent history.

Resident antique photography expert Brenton West brings his expertise to a camera that survived the First World War but hasn’t taken a picture in over a hundred years, while leather expert Suzie adds a surprise touch that leaves the camera’s owner lost for words.

Furniture restorer Will Kirk has a huge job on his hands getting a 20th century designer wooden screen back on its feet and violin restorer John Dilworth tackles a treasured instrument with a turbulent history.

On Tuesday the team restores a set of designer French leather chairs; a treasured stained glass window; and a miniature steam roller that hasn’t worked for decades.

Horologist Steve Fletcher uses his talent for fixing miniature mechanical devices to tackle a toy steam roller from the early 20th century that has neither steamed nor rolled for decades.

Stained glass craftsman Matthew Nickels pieces together a damaged leaded window depicting a sailing boat at sea. Created by owner Truusje’s late father, the window holds huge sentimental value.

In the Repair Shop on Wednesday, the team takes on a precious hand mirror, a very special clock that may have had a supernatural accident, and a loved but damaged painting in need of some TLC.

Painting conservator Lucia Scalisi must draw on all her 30 years’ experience to fix a huge tear in a turn-of-the-century oil painting of a murky scene of the river Thames, and resident horologist Steve Fletcher joins forces with ceramics expert Kirsten Ramsay and wood specialist Will Kirk to work on an 18th century clock made by one of the country’s most prestigious makers.

The team restores a music box damaged during the Blitz, a threadbare toy lamb and a pair of fire tongs built by the owner’s own great grandfather on Thursday.

In the final programme of the week on Friday, Jay Blades and the team repair a broken pipe, a dilapidated gramophone and a huge blue ceramic pitcher that’s missing several pieces.

Clock restorer Steve Fletcher turns his talents to restoring an ornate and unusual antique pipe carved from a mineral called Meerschaum, and gramophone guru Tim Weeks takes on the restoration of a huge early 20th century record player and radio that hasn’t produced any music for years.


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