Vytelle launches first UK IVF lab

n Vytelle Chairman Dr Alan Barton

VYTELLE, a global-leader in in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), has officially launched its first UK laboratory in Dumfries, Scotland. The company’s leading-edge technology allows for non-invasive collection of unfertilised embryos (oocytes) without the use of hormonal-treatments.

The UK-owned company, part of the Wheatsheaf Group portfolio, was established in 2016 in Hermiston, Oregon, USA, to target the growing North and South American beef and dairy markets. The company has continued to expand its global vision and is set to open additional laboratories in the near future, according to Vytelle Chairman Dr Alan Barton.

He said: “The company’s vision is to aid the improvement of superior production within the bovine genetics sector, using ground-breaking technology. This will result in increased protein production efficiency, improvements in animal welfare, an improved return on investment for producers as well as an overall reduction in the carbon footprint of the bovine sector.

“As a company, Vytelle provides technologies that facilitate improve-ment in the bovine sector across the globe. The launch of the UK laboratory will deliver ‘state-of-the-art’ technology to our beef and dairy farmers, enabling superior reproduction of bovine livestock.

“The laboratory is ideally situated to cover the entire UK and Ireland, and will effectively be a strategic gateway to mainland Europe. The company already has a UK core-customer base of commercial and pedigree breeders keen to use the technology,” Dr Barton concluded.

Vytelle IVF technology is the next generation of genetic advancement combining embryo-transfer techniq-ues using conventional, sexed or reverse sorted sexed-semen.

The technological synergy provides breeders with the tools to capitalise on a herd’s best genetics for specific matings of dairy cattle as well as male and female beef replacement animals.

The unfertilised oocytes can be

mated to individual elite sires to provide a variety of progeny, according to Vytelle International Business Development Manager John Cochrane. He explained: “Rather than having one animal born annually or several by embryo-transfer, clients can now breed numerous elite progeny from their best animals without using hormonal-based treatments.

“Farmers are increasingly aware of the greater need for more ethically-based reproduction and grazing efficiency methodology. Vytelle tech-nology provides beneficial producer management allied to greater effic-iency of production within cow populations.”

The company already employs a world-renowned team of experts and Vytelle is in the process of recruiting additional skilled and experienced local UK talent to join the team. Highly trained technicians remove the oocytes on-farm before being fertilised and matured in the laboratory ready for implantation into recipient animals.

Mr Cochrane continued: “When circumstances allow, we aim to host an open-day and farmers will be able to observe at first-hand the processes involved. With the launch of the lab UK breeders are now able to capitalise on advanced genetic improvement and add further value to their herd breeding programmes. Anyone wishing further information or to register their interest can log onto the Vytelle website.”


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