Warrenpoint club hosts combined End of Year and Silver Show

Warrenpoint RC BR Farm
WORKING HUNTER: Gary McKay on Joe Haffey’s ‘Jimmy’ receiving the prize for first place in the Working Hunter from Judge Martin O’Rourke at the Warrenpoint and District Riding Club Show. (FW36-536NN)

WARRENPOINT and District Riding Club held a very successful End of Year Show for members and Open Silver Show at Moygannon on Sunday, September 1. The sun had his hat on and this added to a great day for all.
Congratulations to all those who won and thanks to all who took part and helped at what was a great day. There is an album on the Facebook page of photos taken on the day.

Jumping continues at Moygannon on Sundays through September, starting at 10am.

STYLE AND APPEARANCE: Sharon Cowan and ‘Rosie’ won the Style and Appearance class at the Warrenpoint and District Riding Club Show and received their prize from Judge Martin O’Rourke. (FW36-535NN)


Sunday, September 1

End of Year and Open Silver Show

Lead Rein: 1) Ava Trainor, Nibbles.

Style & Appearance – Ponies:
1) Heather Steele, Neverlands Party Piece; 2) Lily McAlister, Ruby; 3) Shane Colman, Rocky; 4) Leah Devlin, Silver.

Style & Appearance – Horses:
1) Sharon Cowan, Rosie; 2) Katie Adams, Wheatfields Charlie; 3) Patricia Devlin, Oisin; 4) Bethany McMahon, Sky Blue; 5) Kasey Burns, Wispa; 6) Rebecca Devlin, Magnificent Maggie.

Working Hunter:
1) Gary McKay, Jimmy; 2) Shenna Young, Silver Lining; 3) Will Glendinning, Rio; 4) Courtney Coyle, Lily; 5) Lily McAlister, Ruby; 6) Cara McDonald, Gem.

Working Hunter – Ponies (End of Year – Members):
1) Cara McDonald, Gem.

Working Hunter – Horses (End of Year – Members):
1) Gary McKay, Jimmy.

60cm Show Jumping:
1) Alanah Lowther, Sheeptown Lad; 2) Gina McDonald, Deedee; 3) Chloe Kinley, Maggie.

75cm Show Jumping:
1) Hayden McCormick, Minnie Magic; 2) Tiarna Harpur, Jessie; 3) Brooke Ferguson, Kandi; 4) Kaitlin Treanor, Poppy; 5) Vanessa Baird, Clover; 6) Lily McAlister, Ruby.

90cm Show Jumping:
1) Vanessa Baird, Clover; 2) Cara Cunningham, Penny; 3) Sarah Jane Treanor, Chelsea Rose; 4) Cara McDonald, Gem; 5) Kerry Cunningham, Peaches; 6) William Irvine, Willow.

Mini Foxpool – Two-phase – Ponies (End of Year – Members):
1) Jessica Johnston, Marchese Gemstone; 2) Hayden McCormick, Minnie Magic.

Cunningham Cup – 90cm (End of Year – Members) Winner takes all:
1) William Irvine, Willow.

LEAD REIN: Left, Ava Trainor and ‘Nibbles’ won the Lead Rein class at the Warrenpoint and District Riding Club Show. (FW36-534NN)

Foxpool – Two-phase – Horses (End of Year – Members):
1) Joe Haffey, Jimmy; 2) Robert McKee, Jade; 3) Will Glendinning, Rio.


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