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What a day for dressage at Lusk’s

THE first of the four-week dressage leagues went ahead at Lusk Equestrian, near Lisburn on Sunday, November 15. Despite the torrential overnight rain, dressage competitors braved the elements to complete their tests, as the rain came down lightly at first and then more heavily.

Judges, Janice Campbell and Fran Warden had no complaints as their cars were quite warm!

Amelia Wheeler, Molly O’Connor, Rachel Lindsey, Alex Clelland, Ella Boyle and Hannah Blakey were also pleased with their day’s endeavour.

Ella Boyle with ‘Daneli’ in the Elementary section gave an exhibition of how a dressage test should be ridden, which was a pleasure to watch, while Hannah Blakely with ‘Clerkson’ in the Intermediate class showed what the novice competitors had to work towards.

Hopefully, the weather will be kinder in the next few weeks until the final on December 6.


Sunday, November 15

Dressage League – week one

Class 1 – Intro:

1) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington; 2) Faith Byrne Fitzpatrick, Carrick Diamond Simba; 3) Sarah Irvine, Remy; 4) Lauren Madine, Island Beauty; 5) Sarah Carlisle, New Delhi De Chesnay; 6) Sharon Cowan, Indian Hope.

Class 2 – Newcomers Prelim:

1) Molly O’Connor, Tod; 2) Caitlin McMillan, Havannah; 3) Shannon Carruthers, Ratheen Sam; 4) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington; 5) Orla Dunne, Eazi; 6) Erin Barlow, Extra Innings M2S.

Class 3 – Prelim:

1) Rachel Lindsay, Drombane Dancer; 2) Conor Savage, Hip Hop; 3) Chloe Rooney, Paddington; 4) Tom Rowlatt McCormick, Mon Ami Alme; 5) Claire Forsythe, Moonchip; 6) Darragh Hanlon, Marco.

Class 4 – Novice:

1) Alex Cleland, Rafa Smash; 2) Barbara Hanna, Maverick; 3) Andrew Gordon, Drumnahall Miss; 4) Tara Dixon, Fred; 5) Kerry Magill, Bonmahon Quick Step; 6) Sarah Irvine, Harry.

Class 5 – Elementary:

1) Ella Boyle, Denali; 2) Ella Boyle, Daisy; 3) Mandy Blakely, Kizzy; 4) Barbara Hanna, Rock Babylon.

Class 6 – EI Intermediate:

1) Hannah Blakely, Clerkson.

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