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Winter dressage at Knockagh View

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THERE were extremely wet conditions for the second leg of Knockagh View’s Winter Dressage League on Sunday, December 13, but the committed competitors still managed some lovely tests in front of judges, David Patterson and Jacky Reid. The final of the league is on Sunday, January 10 and is open to everyone.


Sunday, December 13

Winter Dressage League

Assisted Intro A: 1) Isla Hanna, Lily (m).

Unassisted Intro A: 1) Jackie Hanna, Paddy (g); 2) Georgia Rea, Jasper (g); 3) Debbie McClean, Marge (m); 4) Tracey Manson, DJ (g); 5) Charlene Thompson, Lovely Molly (m).

Prelim 7: 1) Helen Meldrum, Bally Captain (g); 2) Lauren Carville, Rosie (m); 3) Jackie Hanna, Elamo Royal Diamond (g); 4) Martina McKinley, Will Scarlet (g); 5) Joan Gibson, Megan (m); 6) Joanne Graham, Scooby (g).

Prelim 14: 1) Julie-lee Radcliffe, A dream come true (g); 2) Jacqui Lewis, Dunore Fast and Furious (g); 3) Robyn McMurray, Rosemount Roulette (m); 4) Lauren Carville, Rosie (m); 5) Helen Meldrum, Bally Captain (g); 6) Rachel Lockyear, Townhill Penny (m).

Novice 22: 1) Anita Doherty, Sam (m); 2) Jacqui Lewis, Dunore Fast and Furious (g); 3) Michelle Strange, Quality Galore (g).

Novice 28: 1) Michelle Strange, Quality Galore (g); 2) Erin McCrea, Knockagarron Fear Bui Phoenix (m); 3) Erin McCrea, Knockagarron Fear Bui Princess (m).

Elementary 45: 1) Anita Doherty, Connor (g); 2) Anita Doherty, Sam (m).

Medium 69: 1) Anita Doherty, Connor (g); 2) Helen Faulkner, Derrivane Danny (g); 3) Louise Spence, Maverick (g).

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