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Winter show jumping league continues at Causeway Coast Arena

IT was a cold but dry day on Sunday for the second leg of Causeway Coast Arena’s winter show jumping league. An inviting yet technical course awaited the competitors in the main indoor arena, designed by William Brown.

Grace McAuley with her pony ‘Konnie’ and Katie Surgeoner with her pony ‘Tommy’, started the day with clear rounds in the pony cross-poles class. Grace went on to gain another double clear in the 30/40cm class, alongside Aoife McGarry on the very popular ‘Max A Million’. Aoife added more points to her name in the 50cm class, as did the McKay sisters, Mia and Jodie – who were again on winning form with their ponies ‘Sandy’ and ‘Gordon’ respectively.

Zoe McMullan had the only two double clears on ‘KHS Dovizioso’ and ‘Sweetwall Zoe’ in the 60cm class. Zoe carried on the good form with both ponies, with yet another two double clears in the 70cm class. She was joined in the winning line-up by Aoife Milliken with ‘Beauty’, Kenzi Watt with ‘Reme’ and Chalotte Killen with the lovely ‘Ted’.

Kenzi Watt went on to gain another double clear in the 80cm, joining her was Jessica Dunlop with ‘High Flying Hughie’. Jessica Dunlop just pipped Zoe McMullan to the post in the 90cm class, taking the win by just a fraction of a second.

Rachel Hall started the horse classes off with a fabulous double clear with her horse ‘Tillie’ in the 60cm class. Rachel and ‘Tillie’ then went on to do the same in the 70cm class.

The 80cm class saw only two double clears, the ever-consistent combinations of Kathryn McCurdy with ‘Hazel’ and Elle Moore with ‘Jack’. Kirsty McAuley and ‘Paddy’ replicated their win in the 90cm from the previous week, being the only clear round. Geoffrey Glass and ‘Ollie’ was once again on top form and took the win in the 1.10m class.

All proceeds from the show go to RDA Causeway Coast and Glens. The organisers would like to thank everyone who helped prior to and on the day of the show. The third leg of the winter show jumping league will run on Sunday, November 28. Entries close on Saturday, November 27 at 4pm. All entries are online at www.causewaycoastarena.co.uk.


Sunday, November 21

Pony Cross-Poles – clears: Katie Surgeoner, Tommy; Grace McAuley, Konnie.

Pony 30/40cm – Double Clears: Grace McAuley, Konnie; Jodie McKay, Gordon; Mia McKay, Bertie; Aoife McGarry, Max A Million; Aoibhinn Kelly, Cindy.

Pony 50cm – Double Clears: Jodie McKay, Gordon; Mia McKay, Sandy; Aoife McGarry, Max A Million.

Pony 60cm – Double Clears: Zoe McMullan, Sweetwall Zoe; Zoe McMullan, KHS Dovizioso.

Pony 70cm – Double Clears: Zoe McMullan, Sweetwall Zoe; Zoe McMullan, KHS Dovizioso; Aoife Milliken, Beauty; Kenzi Watt, Reme; Charlotte Killen, Ted.

Pony 80cm – Double Clears: Jessica Dunlop, High Flying Hughie; Kenzi Watt, Reme.

Pony 90cm: 1) Jessica Dunlop, High Flying Hughie; 2) Zoe McMullan, KHS Rococco.

Horse 60cm – Double Clears: Rachel Hall, Tillie.

Horse 70cm – Double Clears: Rachel Hall, Tillie; Melissa Lemon, Mamma Mia; Bethany Gordon, Frank; Victoria Harkness, Zac.

Horse 80cm – Double Clears: Kathryn McCurdy, Hazel; Elle Moore, Jack.

Horse 90cm: 1) Kirsty McAuley, Paddy; 2) Kathryn McCurdy, Hazel; 3) Diane Roxborough, Ozzie; 4) Rosie Alcorn, Marilyn.

Horse 1m: No clears.

Horse 1.10m: 1) Geoffrey Glass, Ollie.

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