Winter show season ends at Slemish Hall

Ducks 7-2-19 SM Farm

Last Saturday the Slemish Hall looked fantastic for the 1,386 entries of poultry, eggs and photographs. Ginny McKee had some beautiful floral displays to brighten up the hall.

The judges included Jimmy Hughes, Pekins; Joshua Kittle, Booted Bantams and Photos; Louise Carpenter and Ian Simpson, Soft Feather Heavy; Andy Marmet, Eggs, Trios, Juvenile, Rare and Turkeys; Roy Davidson, True Bantams; Peter Thomas, Soft Feather Light; Simon James, Waterfowl; Derek Moon and Craig Gardiner, Game; Harry Panell, Oxford; Jed Dwight, Young Handlers and Championship.

Thanks to each of these judges for giving up their time and travelling to Ballymena.

This event would not have been possible without the hard work of the committee and members and the sponsors: Brinsea Incubators; Kilpatrick Poultry Feeds; Haldane Fisher; Strangford Agencies; Mac Eoin Ltd; Poultry and Pets; Fairmount Coops; and last but not least to the Poultry Club of GB.


Best Rhode Island Red: C Bourke;

Opposite Size Rhode Island Red: P&C Sweeney;

Best Minorca: J Corken;

Opposite Size Minorca: Adams & McLaren;

Best Sussex: Fullerton family;

Opposite Size Sussex: Ryan family;

Best Wyandotte: G&M Poultry;

Opposite Size Wyandotte: JB Anak Mano;

Best Brahma: R Bett;

Opposite Size Brahma: R Bett;

Best Orpington: JB Anak Mano;

Opposite Size Orpington: R Bett;

Best Buff Orpington: R Bett;

Best Silkie: K McGarry;

Opposite Size Silkie: K McGarry;

Best German Langshan: M Mooney;

Best Leghorn: J Corken;

Opposite Size Leghorn: S Smiley;

Best Plymouth Rock: J Weatherup;

Opposite Size Plymouth: Rock E Russell;

Best Sebright: K Scanlon;

Best Hamburg: Adams & McLaren;

Opposite Size Hamburg: L Gabbey;

Best Ancona: B King;

Opposite Size Ancona: M Elliott;

Best Asian: T&C Butler;

Opposite Size Asian: J Neill;

Best Poland: R Bett;

Best Opposite Size Poland: C&P Sweeney;

Best Japanese: D Caraher;

AOV SF Light Aracana: D Caraher;

Best Belgian: M Mooney;

Best Welsummer: J&A Fletcher;

Opposite Size Welsummer: S McClean;

AOV True Bantam Suffolk Chequer: N Colhoun;

Best Indian: A Stansfield;

Opposite Size Indian: C Bourke;

Best Goose: John Neil;

Best Turkey: R Bett;

Best Dutch: Becky Adams;

Best Maran: J Wall;

Best Opposite Size Maran: S McClean;

Best Rosecomb: S Forbes;

Best Faverolle: M&R Neill;

Opposite Size Faverolle: J&R Hughes;

Best Booted Bantam: M&R Neill;

Best Pekin: R Bett;

Best Australorp: Fullerton family;

Opposite Size Australorp: E Russell;

Best Serama: J Hurst;

Best Barnvelder: P Swandel;

Opposite Size Barnvelder: D Caraher;

Best Cochin: R Bett;

Best Modern: Kennedy Bros;

Opposite Size Modern: M Elliott;

Best Eggs: B Oldcorn;

Decorated Eggs – Children’s: Grace Caraher; Adult: David Caraher;

Photographs – Waterfowl/Turkey: G McKee; Poultry: G McKee.

Championship Row

Best Juvenile: E Fullerton;

Best True Bantam: R Bett;

Best OEG: S Irwin;

Best Oxford: K Fleck;

Best Carlisle: Adams & McLaren;

Best Rare: J Hurst;

Opposite Size Rare: Adams & McLaren;

Best Trio: Adams & McLaren;

Best Call: R Bett;

Best Bantam Duck: R Bett;

Best Heavy Duck: M&D Gillespie;

Best Light Duck: Adams & McLaren;

Best SF Heavy Bantam: M Mooney;

Best SF Heavy Large: R Bett;

Best SF Light Bantam: K McGarry;

Best SF Light Large: Adams & McLaren.

Jed Dwight selected his Champion Waterfowl from M & D Gillespie for their Saxony with Adams & McLaren’s Runner in reserve. Then the climax of the day was the selection of Mervyn Mooney’s German Langshan as Show Champion with R Bett’s White Pekin in reserve.

n Thanks to everyone who made the day a success. Keep an eye out in next week’s FarmWeek for the results of the Oxford Regional Show and a preview of an exciting fundraiser coming up.


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