Workers weekend at Lusk’s

Lusk's WH BR Farm
1M: Right, Sophie Cowan and ‘Tempo Quick Step’ competing in the 1m class at the Lusk’s Working Hunter Show. (FW10-516NN)

IT would be wrong to say that there was a big turn out at the Pony Working Hunter at Lusk’s on Saturday, February 23, but watching the excitement on both parents and children made it all worthwhile. There were some fantastic combinations from the Cradle Stakes to the one metre class.

The Murphy sisters, Lily and Ellie, were fantastic to watch with their ability and competitiveness, but competition was rife in the first three classes, with Annabelle Bets and Charlotte Nelson pushing all the way to take the runner up spots in both classes. Megan Dumigan produced both her ponies to perfection.

ACTION: Anneka Knox and ‘Sportsman’ in action in Class 7, the 90cm class at the Lusk’s Working Hunter Show. (FW10-515NN)

The jumping in the later classes was up to full height for festival qualification.

Many thanks to the judges on the day, Joanne Harper and Pauline Turner.

The horses on Sunday were much busier, but the mist never left, so it was cold work for the judges, Paul Horner and Vicky Ormadillo, assisted by starter Sandra Hamilton and Katie Scott, who rushed scores up to the judges box for the final tally.

The Four and Five-year-old class was well supported, as were the 80cm, 90cm and 1 metre with the 12-fence course hard to jump clear.

With the new practice arena in operation, it made the showing arena so much bigger for competitors to show off their paces in the second phase.

Some of the jumps will remain in the arena for the popular Garden Event, which takes place this Sunday. The ground being so good, the cross-country course will be extended to take in both water complexes, so giving the eventers a chance to prepare for the season. Pre-entry with Jenny on 07831 661428 before Friday midday.


Saturday, February 23

Cradle Stakes: 1) Lilly Murphy, Toby; 2) Annabelle Betts, Mac; 3) Ellie Murphy, Buzby; 4) Charlotte Nelson, Bonnie.

Starter Stakes: 1) Lilly Murphy, Buzby; 2) Charlotte Nelson, Bonnie; 3) Alana Eadie, Chutney.

W H 60cm: 1) Charlotte Bets, Percy; 2) Sarah McPolin, Honey; 3) Katie Scott, Pixie; 4) Maia Carson, Lily; 5) Alana Eadie, Chutney.

W H 133cm: 1) Jessica Mulgrew.

M and M 122cm to 133cm: 1) Megan Dumigan, Nero Thomas Jones.

Performance: 1) Ellen Ward, Phoenix Delight.

M and M 138cm to 143cm: 1) Megan Dumigan, Hope B Captain Marvel; 2) Alex Watt, Dun Man; 3) Amy Tubman, Corha Delight.

W H 143cm: 1) Ellie McDowell, Sonnybill Williams; 2) Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey; 3) Amy Tubman, Corha Delight.

W H 153cm: 1) Emily Jane McPolin, Marley; 2) Ellen Ward, Phoenix Delight; 3) Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey Diamond; 4) Nadine Gormley, Chois Na Habhainn Trojan.

Sunday, February 24

Horses – Performance: 1) Lorna Coffey, Lily; 2) Holly McGahon, Lisforety Cruze; 3) Lorna Coffey, Cavanagh Boy; 4) Alex Bateson, Hicks; 5) Clare Murtagh, Tully Girl.

Amateur 80cm: 1) Emma Leatham, Drumcill Touch of Class; 2) Alex Bateson, Hicks; 3) Holly McGahan, Dancing in the Dark.

Four and Five-Year -Old: 1) Janie Cairns, Kevin (Four-year-old Q); 2) David O’Connor, Quinn (Four-year-old Q); 3) David O’Connor, Rally; 4) Clare Murtagh, Murrow (Four-year-old Q); 5) Janie Cairns, Ellie (Four-year-old Q); 6) David O’Connor, Fifi (Four-year-old Q); 7) Holly McGahan, Dancing in the Dark (Four-year-old Q).

Irish Draught: 1) Jas Hogg, Gransha Rebel Lady; 2) Catherine Patterson, Carrabawn Jewel.

W H 80cm Qualifier: 1) James Johnston, Money Tree; 2) Anneka Knox, Sportsman; 3) Rory Lavery, Robinhood; 4) Sophie Taggart, Echo; 5) Lorna Coffey, Lily.

Smalls Qualifier: 1) Aimee Webb, Indie; 2) Orlagh McParkland, Woodie; 3) James Johnston, Misty Imp.

W H 90cm: 1) Margery Warnock, Butterfly Charm; =2) Fiona McGowan, Freedom; Zara Sharvin, Paintball; =4) Ruth Cousins, Sahara; Sophie Grainger, Chanel No 5; 6) Emma Leatham, Drumcill Hot Toddy.

W H 1 metre: 1) Emma Leatham, Drumcill Step to Harmony; 2) Heather Graham, Flutterbye; 3) Jonny McEvoy, Watermill Rain; 4) Margery Warnock, Butterfly Charm; 5) Zara Sharvin, Paintball; 6) Janie Cairns, Ed.

90CM: Zara Sharvin and ‘Paintball’ came joint second in Class 7, the 90cm class at the Lusk’s Working Hunter Show. (FW10-514NN)

W H 1.10m: 1) Beth Murray, Val De Maze Roy; 2) David O’Connor, Queenie.


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