Working Hunter league concludes at Mill Yard

SATURDAY, March 17 saw the final of the Working Hunter For All take place at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough, with classes to suit all levels and abilities.

Mill Yard would like to thank all competitors, judge, scribe, supporters, caterers and Nomad Photography NI for covering the event.

The next events at Mill Yard are Easter Show jumping on Tuesday, April 3, starting 11am with cross-poles then 55cm, 70cm, 80cm and 95cm, followed by the first Jump Challenge Derby of the year on Sunday, May 6.

For more information, check out or contact Lucy on 07790 625794.


Saturday, March 17

Spring Working Hunter

Class 2: 1) Kaitlin Kearns, Puzzle; 2) Jenna Morton, Heidi Seek; 3) Kristina Hayes, Ruby.

Class 3: 1) Sarah McClelland, Bo; 2) Antoinette Milligan, Kings Appraisal; 3) Nicola Stuart, Clonkeen Cheeky Charmer; =4) Sophie Grainger, Ava; =4) Barbara Kearns, Kitty; 5) Keva Milligan, Laurelvale Rose; 6) Kaitlin Kearns, Jacob.

Class 4: 1) Barbara Kearns, Kitty; 2) Sarah McClelland, Bo; 3) Sophie Grainger, Chanel No. 5.

Class 5: 1) Sophie Grainger, Chanel No. 5; 2) Sarah Brashaw, Money Lagan Dusty.

Champion: Sarah Brashaw, Money Lagan Dusty; Reserve Champion: Barbara Kearns, Kitty.


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