Working Hunter season kicks off at Lisbane Farm

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90CM WINNER: Megan Norton and ‘Hathaway’ on their way to winning the 90cm horse class at the Lisbane Farm Working Hunter competition. (FW39-514NN)

SATURDAY, September 15 was the first Working Hunter show of the Autumn/ Winter season at Lisbane Farm, which was very kindly sponsored by Baileys Horse Feeds. The course was designed by David McClurg and Eric Pele, and provided enough questions to ensure that competitors were suitably challenged across all classes from 65cm up to 1m. Many of the unique features of the Derby Arena were incorporated into the course to keep it interesting. Even in the 65cm class there was a simple bank for the little ones to negotiate. In the bigger classes, there was a short section downhill away from the arena, with an uphill climb and a keyhole fence to jump back in.

The standard was very high overall, so it was not an easy job for the judges to decide on their winners. David McClurg did a lovely job judging the pony classes all morning and got finished just in time to go and watch his horses competing at Evening Ireland up the road at Lusk’s. The Pony Championship went to the winner of the 90cm class, Susie Thompson with ‘Dun Surprise’, who really was outstanding in the championship. Reserve Champion was Kaitlyn Kearns riding ‘Doohat Bandit’, who was a deserving winner in the 65cm class.

PONY CHAMPION: Champion Working Hunter Pony ‘Dun Surprise, ridden by Susie Thompson at the Lisbane Farm Working Hunter competition. (FW39-513NN)

Toni Donnelly judged all the horses classes in the afternoon, ably assisted by her daughter Katie, who also had a busy morning taking a first and second place with her own pony ‘Cash’. Leah Chambers scored a double win with ‘Ferndale Sir Melody’ in the 70cm and 80cm classes. Scores were extremely close in the 90cm class, with the win going to Megan Norton riding ‘Hathaway’. Sophie Grainger and her lovely coloured mare ‘Chanel’ jumped a super clear round in the 1m to win the class and go on to take the Horse Championship, which came down to the gallop as the deciding factor. Reserve Champion Horse was ‘Diamond High Hopes’ ridden by Katie Robinson.

Eric Pele would like to thank David McClurg for his assistance in creating such an interesting course and also for judging the pony classes. Many thanks also to Toni Donnelly for judging the horse classes and providing valuable feedback to competitors, as well as the generous vouchers she provided to winners of the Horse and Pony Championship.

Thank you also to Baileys for sponsoring the entire show and particularly to Judy Maxwell for her continued support and for being there to present prizes and chat to people about Baileys products.

A special thank you must go to photographer Anne Morrison, who is so kind and generous with her time and to all those who helped in any way to make the show such a success. The next working hunter show will be in October. Details to be announced soon.


Saturday, September 15


65cm: 1) Kaitlyn Kearns, Doohat Bandit; 2) Katie Donnelly, Cash; 3) Emmalee Turley, Dooey.

75cm: 1) Katie Donnelly, Cash; 2) Ciara Collins, Beechfield Pride; 3) Lewis Orr, Lynch.

90cm: 1) Susie Thompson, Dun Surprise; 2) Hazel English, Granda Tir Na Nog; 3) Hazel English, Puzzle.


70cm: 1) Leah Chambers, Ferndale Sir Melody; 2) Antoinette Milligan, Kings Appraisal; 3) Keva Milligan, Laurelvale Rose.

80cm: 1) Leah Chambers, Ferndale Sir Melody; 2) Ruth Logan, Posh; 3) Katie Robinson, Diamond High Hopes.

90cm: 1) Megan Norton, Hathaway; =2) Katie Robinson, Diamond High Hopes; =2) Wendy Rowland, Drumiller Panache.

70CM HORSE WINNERS: The winning line up in the 70cm horse class at the Lisbane Farm Working Hunter, pictured with Judy Maxwell of Baileys Horse Feeds and judge Toni Donnelly, from left, Keva Milligan (third), Antoinette Milligan (second) and Leah Chambers (first). (FW39-512NN)

1m: 1) Sophie Grainger, Chanel; 2) Emma Leathem, Drumcil Step to Harmony; 3) Joshua Russell, Mr Tip.


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