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YFCU Floral Art heats showcase creative talent

YOUNG Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster is proud to announce all six county heats for Floral Art 2021 are now complete.

Members from each county displayed their decorative craft and creative art skills during the heats. The members from each age category who were placed first from county heats will now progress to the finals, which will be held in 2022.

The theme of this year’s Floral art competition was ‘Twist & Turn’ and members truly lived up to the task with their own innovative ideas showcased in their design. Members had one hour to craft their Floral Art Expedition, which was then blind assessed by independent judges.

The YFCU would like to take this opportunity to thank members for participating in the event and show appreciation to all the judges.

A special thank you to Power NI for kindly sponsoring the YFCU Floral Art Competition.

Floral Art heats results (all first places go through to the finals)

Co Armagh

12-14 – 1st Beth Phillips, Collone; 2nd Lynsey Bell, Mountnorris; 3rd Mollie Downard, Collone & Emma Gardiner, Bleary.

14-16 – 1st Rebecca George, Collone; 2nd Grace George, Collone; 3rd Jack Ferris,Collone.

16-18 – 1st Katie McWhirter, Collone; 2nd Ruth McWhirter, Collone; 3rd James McConnell, Collone.

18-21 – 1st Lauren Waddell, Mountnorris; 2nd Clarise Crozier, Collone; 3rd Sarah Ross, Collone.

21-25 – 1st Sarah Spence, Bleary; 2nd Zoe Maguire, Bleary; 3rd Harry Chambers, Collone, Joel Milligan, Collone &Andrew Porter, Mountnorris.

Co Down

12-14 – 1st Alisha Annett, Spa; 2nd Sarah McKee, A&M; 3rd Kaitlyn Gabbie, Spa & Amber Henderson,Donaghadee.

14-16 – 1st Sarah Russell, Spa; 2nd Erin Gabbie, Spa; 3rd Summer Henderson, Donaghadee & Sarah LouiseMcilroy, Rathfriland.

16-18 – 1st Harriett Lovatt, Donaghadee; 2nd Lucy Rodgers, Spa; 3rd Sarah Douglas, Spa.

18-21 – 1st Jordan Shanks, Newtownards; 2nd Zoe Weir, A&M; 3rd Helen Sinton, A&M.

21-25 – 1st Rachel McCracken, Ballywalter; 2nd Emma Rodgers, Spa; 3rd Kerri Douglas, Spa.

25-30 – 1st Rosalyn Magee, Spa; 2nd Ellen McMinn, A&M; 3rd Brian Wade, Hillhall.

Co Antrim

12-14 – 1st Ruth Millar, Glarryford; 2nd Estelle Mcilwaine, Straid; 3rd Emily Dale, Glarryford.

14-16 – 1st Gemma McNeilly, Randalstown; 2nd Sophie McAllister, Lisnamurrican; 3rd Leo Kidd, Lisnamurrican.

16-18 – 1st Molly-Jo McCullough, Lisnamurrican; 2nd Caitlin Patton, Kilraughts; 3rd Georgia Kidd, Lisnamurrican.

18-21 – 1st Alexis Kidd, Lisnamurrican; 2nd James Currie, Kilraughts; 3rd Zara Stirling, Holestone.

21-25 – 1st Alison Thompson, Randalstown; 2nd Claire Adams, Lisnamurrican; 3rd Cathy Reid, Glarryford.

25-30 – 1st Lucy Benton, Ahoghill; 2nd Jack Johnston, Randalstown; 3rd Anna Carmichael, Gleno Valley.

Co Londonderry

12-14 – 1st Isabella Taylor, Coleraine; 2nd Claire Fulton, Dungiven; 3rd John Patterson, Dungiven.

14-16 – 1st Anna Taylor, Coleraine; 2nd Maya Kyle, Curragh; 3rd Katie McFetridge, Garvagh.

16-18 – 1st Ivanna Strawbridge, Coleraine; 2nd Alex Lamont, Coleraine; 3rd Charlotte Moore, Coleraine.

18-21 – 1st Cara Millar, Coleraine; 2nd Mollie Campbell, Curragh; 3rd Sarah Smyth, Coleraine.

21-25 – 1st Lauren Miller, Curragh; 2nd Maxine Smyth, Coleraine; 3rd Ruth Adams, Coleraine.

25-30 – 1st William McMaster, Curragh; 2nd Elizabeth Calvin, Dungiven; 3rd Lynne Montgomery, City of Derry.

Co Tyrone

12-14 – 1st Lucy Hawkes, Seskinore; 2nd Rachel Beattie, Cappagh; 3rd Isaac Crawford, Seskinore.

14-16 – 1st Andrea McFarland, Newtownstewart; 2nd Sophie Crawford, Seskinore; 3rd Lucy-Jo McFarland, Clanabogan.

16-18 – 1st Emma Campbell, Newtownstewart; 2nd Christine Clements, Derg Valley; 3rd Sarah Clarke, Seskinore.

18-21 – 1st Cathy Reid, Castlecaulfield; 2nd Emily Clarke, Seskinore; 3rd Ellie Farmer, Castlecaulfield.

21-25 – 1st Emma Gibson, Trillick; 2nd Megan Birney, Trillick; 3rd Natalie Burrows, Cappagh.

25-30 – 1st Bryan Fleming, Clanabogan; 2nd Gary Reid, Castlecaulfield; 3rd Lynsay Hawkes, Seskinore.

Co Fermanagh

12-14 – 1st Dylan Hunter, Kesh; 2nd Alice Reynolds, Lisbellaw; 3rd Dylan Connolly, Kesh.

14-16 – 1st Zara Johnston, Kesh; 2nd Claire Balfour, Lisbellaw; 3rd Timothy Graham, Kesh.

16-18 – 1st Rachel Foster, Lisbellaw; 2nd James Johnston, Kesh; 3rd Bailey Watson, Kesh.

18-21 – 1st Grace Keys, West Fermanagh; 2nd Nadine Hunter, Kesh.

21-25 – 1st Emma Brownlee, West Fermanagh; 2nd Rebecca Ryan, Lisbellaw; 3rd Daniel Thornton, West Fermanagh.

25-30 – 1st George Irvine, Kesh; 2nd Daniel Collum, West Fermanagh; 3rd Alex Winchester.



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