Young farmer song-writer

Two years ago, a young Lisburn farmer was sitting by the kitchen fire one evening listening to a pop music programme on the radio when suddenly an idea for writing a song came to him. He quickly jotted it down, enlarged upon it, and when it was completed, began work on another.

Since then, 24-year-old Kenneth Boomer, of Ivy Hill, Magheralave, has composed several songs, and his latest composition, “I want the memory,” may, he hopes, be adopted for recording by an Irish showband in the near future.

Recently he made a breakthrough into the recording world when he signed a contract with Pal Music Publications Limited, a London Company.

“It was just a stroke of good luck,” he told FarmWeek, “but I’m hoping that it could lead to greater things.”

As to where the inspiration for “I want the memory” came from. Kenneth said: “I’m not really sure. I just got an idea, put it down on paper and worked on it from there.”

Kenneth has found from experience there’s no short cut to the top.

“It’s a long, hard climb to the top of the record industry,” he said. “It’s taken me two years to get this far and I can still only hope that I will be lucky enough to make the grade.”

Looking to his future as a song-writer, he said that he aims to wait and see the results of his present efforts before “trying his luck” with some other songs which he has worked on over the past two years.

Kenneth gained much of his musical education at Friends’ School, Lisburn, where he received piano and violin tuition. In addition, he can play both the guitar and ukelele.

A former member of Hillhall Young Farmers’ Club, he now finds that practically all his time is taken up in the running of the 140-acre family farm.


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