Young farmers show their green side with hedge planting challenge

n Andrew Gracey and Orlagh McLaughlin from Grass Roots Challenge, with young farmers Chris Reid, Lewis McCracken, Ross Porter, Leah Steele, Ellie Bassett, Stuart Coulter and Lucy Steele.

ON Saturday, November 9, members of Crumlin YFC braved the wind and rain to plant hedging with Grassroots Challenge.

Eight brave young farmers battled the less than favourable weather conditions and planted the first 140m of hedging as part of a larger 1km target funded by Grassroots Challenge.

n Digging holes for planting the hedging. :

The mission was a success despite the weather with the 140m of hedging being planted on the family farm of Crumlin YFC member Leah Steele.

The AQA accredited session was delivered by Grassroots Challenge in partnership with YFCU and has given the participants the knowledge they need to carry out planting at other locations in the future.

Grassroots Challenge Project Officer Andrew Gracey commented: “Hedges are such a vital part of the countryside, benefitting the farm and wildlife, so we are really happy to be able to fund some hedge planting and train YFC members at the same time.”

Crumlin YFC Club Leader Chris Reid commented: “Hedge planting with Grass Roots Challenge was a practical way of demonstrating to our members how we can be environmentally mindful when we are working on the farm.

“Hedging provides not only a home for birds and animals but is a practical way of marking boundaries and keeping livestock in.”


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