Zoe Ball ‘so proud of her boy Woody’ for making final of Channel 4’s The Circle

Zoe Ball spoke about her son Woody being in the final of The Circle (Channel 4/BBC)
Zoe Ball spoke about her son Woody being in the final of The Circle (Channel 4/BBC)

Zoe Ball has said she is “so proud” of her son Woody for making the final of The Circle.

Zoe Ball’s son Woody watches a video from his parents (Channel 4)

Speaking on her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, she said that while it has been “top telly” she was looking forward to the Channel 4 series ending because “one, I really want my boy back (home) and two, I need more than five hours sleep a night. I couldn’t even wait to watch it on catch up”.

Woody, Ball’s son with DJ Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, will be vying for the cash prize in tonight’s finale alongside the other four finalists: Tim, Georgina, Sammie and Paddy.

Ball also departed a word of caution for social media users telling people to be kind.

She said: “It’s been top telly. Reality does bring out the harsh in everybody, so on social media people are saying some pretty awful things about various different contestants.

“Be kind to these people, remember it is a game show people.

“Maybe tone it down because people have got a little bit harsh”.

Professor Tim, 58, has been a favourite throughout the series and Ball said she thinks he will win the public vote for their favourite.

“I kind of hope it’s Tim for me, I think he’s the one  I’d give that too,” she said.

The series sees people living in separate apartments, communicating only via the social media platform called The Circle.

They do not know each other’s real identities, with some contestants cat-fishing their way through the series as they pretend to be someone else.

In Thursday night’s penultimate episode Ella was blocked and sent home from The Circle by influencers Tim and Georgina.

The pair had to vote to each save someone from being blocked with Tim choosing Woody and Georgina choosing Sammie.

Forced to then decide between blocking Paddy and Ella, they both decided that Ella would be blocked.

Irish contestant Paddy, who has cerebral palsy in his legs, was one of a crop of contestants to enter later in the series.

Woody, Tim, Georgina and Sammie were all part of the original line-up.

Among the four, Sammie is the only catfish.

The mother of one is actually being played by recruitment consultant James, from Liverpool.

The £100,000 prize fund is split with the highest rated player in the final ratings winning £70 000 and the viewers choice winner taking home £30 000.


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